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  1. I just picked up a 2004 LX470 THe truck is immaculate single owner truck with a full 10 page service history from a lexus dealer. It came with night view and overhead dvd player, bluetooth. I wanted to know Did any year of the lx470 come with xenon. If not, does anyone know why??? What components would I have to change out to make the xm radio work as 2005 trucks have? I upgraded to the lx570 wheels so far, changed out all my fluids and filters.
  2. Bump... I replaced the Ignitor and still same problem. Engine dies and shows Ignitor Circuit Malfunction code p1300. Any ideas?????
  3. I have a 95 es300 with 216k miles. All services done. No leaks. No other issues. Timing belt, water pump, plugs, cam and crank seals, done at 160k. Now I have a check engine light and the engine stalled 5 times this morning. Code is p1300 igniter circuit malfunction. Is it the igniter itself or could it be something else downstream such as a CAT? I also have a shift solonoid code in there for quite some time now and need or get that ordered soon.
  4. my 95 has 201000 miles on it. just replaced the power steering hoses.
  5. there are no bulbs. search the forums.
  6. It can be done but I would suggest you get you get your parts on ebay. You will need a new clock spring in the steering column, and running 3 wires to the stereo. The buttons work via resistor values. You can get wiring diagrams on the online toyota/lexus guide. It costs 10 bucks per day of access.
  7. I have had to replace both valve cover gaskets in both of my ES cars.
  8. I spoke with TRD USA and they told me the supercharger install should be ok except the ECU may not be willing to adapt to it. They not tested it in the lexus. But it should bolt on! Now the problems begin. Since I got the supercharger alone, I still need the idler plate and pullies. I have the OEM DAYCO part numbers for the pullies and I have pics of the idler plate. I can order the pullies but TRD or Toyota NO LONGER carries any more parts for this supercharger. Parts are getting rare now. There are sources for all the bolts though which I will order soon. Where the heck will I get t
  9. Now that I remember, you have to cut the mute wire off the factory harness as the amp thinks there is a mute signal coming through and stops all the audio.
  10. That's pretty much what I expect but I will be doing a fuel system upgrade to get rid of the pinging I anticipate with this unit. That will come from Gadget at
  11. 97-99 DOES NOT have backlit mirror controls. Not sure on 00-01 though. If you did have the arrows light up before, replace the minature bulb.
  12. Well, it looks like your amp is not getting power probably. Since you have a 2000 ES with pioneer Amp, how did you power it up? Your car should not have a 20pin connector already as far as I know. I initially installed the pioneer amp with the nav but was not happy with the sound so I got the original JBL amp and used it instead. Sounds much better. The nav unit does NOT have any power for the speakers. They are all line level outputs with a common ground for all 4 channels.
  13. Update : The supercharger is on it's way now. I will attempt to mount it next and keep you guys posted. It will be another 6-8 days before I can try it though which will give it enough time to arrive to my door.
  14. i did a similar test on my car, 97ES300 with 140,000 miles. Tried 91 octane for 1500 miles and got a average of 21.5 city driving. Then reset ECU and tried 87 octane for 1500 miles. City driving again. Got a average of 21.0 I did get some pinging under acceleration when using the 87 grade. I switched to 89 and it runs fine now and that is what I use as well.
  15. great then. besides the pinging, there is no real major issue then. I will use some of the split second stuff as well probably. I have known of Gadget several years ago when I had my tacoma. He helped me quite a bit with it way before Since the unit will bold right on, why has Toyota left the ES out of the list of approved cars?
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