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  1. Ok, so i painted my bumper (two toned) perfect with the clearcoat after and it looks fantastic. I thought i would do the hood and the paint went on well except I f-ed up on the clearcoat and it ran down the hood a bit. Is it possible to wet sand or sand the clearcoat off and re-apply new clearcoat without any problems?
  2. How can I remove my Front bumper on my 93 es300?
  3. yes. I dont even want to think about it anymore but hey, i will get over it i guess. we'll see what happens and i'll keep you all posted. :(
  4. Feel free to AIM me if you all have any words of advice to tell me or talk to me about at Jahon101. Thanks again guys, even if I end up having to sell my car I will still stop by to say hello.
  5. So I was pulling out of the Wendy's and I put my turn signal on to turn left. It is a two-way road with a middle safety lane for turning. There was traffic and it came to a stop, both people in each lane let me in so i could get in the safety lane to turn left. So i pulled out slowly to get in the safety lane when, BAM!, a Honda Pilot smashes into my front end. I get out and tell her to meet in a parking lot. She gets out and tries to make me admit it was my fault when she was the one speeding down the middle lane to turn into Jiffy Lub approx. 500 feet ahead. She must have been speeding becau
  6. How do you like the JVC? I have a pioneer deck in my es and I love it, with a 6 channel nakamichi amp for the 2 10's and mids. 15's seem a bit extreme for me but it is mainly preference. Let me know how it sounds when you complete it.
  7. the reason why the rear is a different # is because of the size difference from the front brakes and the rear, thus making them different. :D
  8. Yeah big props on finding the 5spd. I wish mine was a 5spd at times but then again it sucks driving it in the city IMO. Enjoy it, i have a 93 es as well and i have fixed possibly every problem known to happen in this year so hit me up if you ever need help or have questions on it. Congrats and have fun with it!
  9. Check your fuel injectors. On my 93 es300 i had to replace one injector core and it now works great. i believe the electrical part of it went out on the #1 core. Your injectors probobly need to be cleaned though, if an injector core is bad you will really notice because the whole care will shake on acceleration and sound strange. get a tune-up/plugs, wires, injector cleaning, pcv valve replacement and see how it works from there. i would also suggest a diagnostic check as well. it could also be a motor mount so i would keep that in mind as well. let me know what happens. :)
  10. It could be a warning that you have a code going off. To check your computer for codes have the key in the off position, press down on the temp. knob (auto) and the circulate button on the climate control and turn your car on, it should flash a few times then let go of the buttons and your codes will show up to let you know what is wrong. To find out what the codes are you can search the forum because someone listed them previously. Also, if a code 21 comes up, it is from your heat sensor which is no big deal, just means your car is probobly in the shade and cannot detect the light. Let me kno
  11. i dont think you should debadge, i know all about the debadging trends, but i believe u need to represent.. pointless to remove the badge..
  12. you might need to take apart the nozzle hoses and clean it out. but it could just be the nozzle itself, you could try but/tar remover spray to clean it out. bug and tar remover works numbers on all. :D
  13. looks *BLEEP*ing awesome, wanna trade engines? Clean it up a bit and make it look pretty... what would look sweet is if you chrome dipped the valve cover and throttle body...... mmm
  14. I had that problem when installing my new deck, fortunately it was a faulty deck and had something to do with the wire connectors coming out from the back of the deck. It buzzed when I would accelerate with heavy engine noise. If you get this then your deck is probobly faulty itself. If you put in an amp like I did for my mid-system and subs (nakamichi 6ch amp) It will sound utterly amazing, so if you plan on replacing it, get a good deck and good amp and you will feel like you are at the concert i swear, even on the stock speakers...
  15. So the problem with my car came back. The thudding and shaking; so I did a little more closer inspection and came to find out there was a hole in my air intake hose itself letting the water in to suck through into the engine. Will my motor eventually burn it off and return to full recovery? I used the water removal fuel additive already and doesnt seem to be doing much. I really miss my car in its good state. this is frustrating... especially as being a poor college student!!
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