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  1. idk either. The dealer and manufacturer would have been my suggestion as well. I've heard of this on some of the mid 90s Chevy Tahoes but I'm guessing hot sun has something to do with it.
  2. Afraid I don't live in that area so won't be able to help you with another shop. Toyota services Lexus cars/trucks so you should consider taking your vehicles there. Regarding the torquing your wheels, learned a very important lesson a couple of months ago. The body-shop I used to install the read difuser on the R8 decided not to tighten my rear wheels. I drove the car for a couple of days before one of the wheels almost came off... Love you, Total Recon Auto Center in Rockville, MD!!! anyway, after being embarrassed by Ferrari and Jaguar owners on social media, a couple of my friends made me realize as a car-guy it's our responsibility not to depend on others to verify your vehicle is safe. The big shops like Lexus are kind-off obligated to work/fix your car since their reputation is on the line (within the community as well as Lexus/factory). Best advise, stick with Lexus or Toyota as they will work on your car for free if they fudge the job, and the indies might not.
  3. Congrats. You're one of the few who's managed to get the factory to help pay for the steering rack issue.
  4. Hi Everyone: Well I think it's time to upgrade the IS-F for something a bit more exotic. I would love the LF-A but that's probably not going to happen. So here is the listing for my 2008 IS-F w/ just under 50k on the odo. Asking $35,500 or best offer. PM me if you'd like to purchase this spunky kid. For sale, 2008 Lexus IS F w/ the 5.0L V8 sedan. This vehicle has always been garaged, dealer maintained, and no accidents. The Mercury Metallic exterior paint is in very good condition, with the dark graphite leather interior. This vehicle runs and drives extremely well, and is equipped with Intuitive Park Assist-Front and Rear Sensors, Cruise Control, Heated Front Seats, carbon fiber finished-center console, paddle shifters, and day-time-running lights (LED converted). The leather trimmed F Sport Seats w/ Ten -Way Power and Memory are in nearly pristine condition, and this vehicle comes standard with Bi-Xenon High-Intensity Discharge Headlamps, DVD Navigation, moon-roof and plenty of power. Included, Joe Z intake w/ Filter, and VAIS XM integration kit. Recently installed Michelin Pilot SS tires front/rear, front chin, roof and rear deck lid spoilers. Serious buyers please call or email. Show Less
  5. It sounds like you may have a bad sensor or a bad relay. Were there any obvious damages or missing rubber where the door makes contact with the body of the car?
  6. Did you buy the car with the specs? they may not warranty it if it happened in the field. have you tried to clean-claybar and wax it? If it doesn't do the trick can't really say what you should do but I would call the insurance company.
  7. The misfire code would be the best way for the dealership to determine if you're a candidate for the CSP. Your complaint to the your service adviser should state you are seeing sudden drops in RPMs folllowed by a return to normal, especially when the motor is warm, or you're refilling your oil every 1000 miles, etc.
  8. Agreed!!! Some of us, including myself, has gone to the dealership for non-warranty related repairs. I'm glad to hear there are shops out there that offer their labor a little cheaper than the dealership.
  9. Resonators are generally holly metal canisters. All exhaust pipes are expected to rust out especially when someone lives in the snow belts. is it possible there are some loose or saggy rubber hangers that need to be swapped out for new one?
  10. So what symptoms are you experiencing?
  11. I know. It's so different. Haven't figured out what material this Flaxen is> thoughts?
  12. Well I did the same and traded the 06 GS300 for a 13 GS350. I wanted the F-Sport package but ended up with a base w/ cold weather package. I really hated the GS300. the engine and transmission was the worst performing system ever especially when the transmission's cold. It accelarated when I didn't need it to and had so little power. The brake pedal wasn't stiff even after i flushed it with reverse air pressure. :chairshot: The 350 has power, new interior, factory warranty. Just going to swap the exhaust with the Invidia, or Magnaflow, F-sport Intake is on its way in, clear bra and tint it in the spring or summer. Can't complaint for a commuter vehicle. http://us.lexusownersclub.com/forums/gallery/image/2796-img-20140202-133520990-hdr1/
  13. UCF3

    2013 GS350

    new whip
  14. From the album: 2013 GS350

    before spoiler and tag transfer
  15. From the album: 2013 GS350

    Flaxen leather.
  16. are you loosing electricity when you're braking? Also, the shop that did the work have you asked them what's going on yet?
  17. it could be a number of thinks, not limited to bad starter, bad fuel, bad tune, etc. what have you eliminated?
  18. 2006 GS300 AWD sold. God I hated that car. Replaced with 2013 GS350 AWD.

  19. Aren't you guys distracted by the movies playing up front? Used to do it, but i found myself taking my eyes off the road and often didn't realize i often i did that.
  20. That looks like the plastic one I got for my old SC300. it was a plastic sticker w/o inserts. Don't recommend. You could consider wrapping your trunk lid with a carbon fiber wrap and attach the emblems on. Cleaner in my opinion.
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