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  1. Update since my post back in April, 2017: 155,000 miles. It’s still my favorite vehicle, but it’s had more than it’s share of problems. Replaced the steering rack and steering shaft. (Very expensive.) When I picked it up from that repair there were hairline cracks on the dash, close to greasy fingerprints. Dealer denies any responsibility. Corrosion on wheels - again. Replaced AGAIN, this time at my expense with after-market wheels. Rusty sunroof frame - again. Soon I’ll have to pay to replace it AGAIN. (It seems that Lexus replaced defective parts with equally d
  2. Update, Sunday, 5/6/18. It’s been parked inside since Thursday evening. Started it this morning and everything works fine. A resolved but unsolved mystery.
  3. ‘05 GX with 147k miles, owned since new. Mark Levinson audio worked fine when I parked it three days ago. Now, it comes on for less than 1 Second, then shuts off. No sound on radio, CD, or tape (yes, the ‘05 still has a cassette deck). Turn the key off, then back on, audio comes on for less than 1 second, then quits again. Shut the GX off for an hour, same thing on start up. Nav screen works fine and all on-screen audio info shows up fine. Nav voice commands come through loud and clear. Searched the forum and can’t find anything. Any ideas before I spend $$$ at Lexus?
  4. Late update: Fall 2016 Lexus of Ann Arbor replaced the rack and steering shaft. They said they couldn’t separate them, so I’ll never know which one it was, but problem solved. Handles like new.
  5. Update 5/1/17: Tighned up again while still in Texas. A little tight off and on through Louisiana. Sometimes tight, sometimes just fine in Mississippi. Left Mississippi yesterday and it was fine most of the day, but seemed a little tight in Tennessee last night. However, it was normal for the last 520 miles to Michigan today. Really baffling.
  6. Update 4/26/17: At my request, technician at Jeff Hunter Toyota in Waco, Texas (why is there no Lexus dealer in Waco?) flushed the steering system - again. Steering is better than pre-flush, though still not back to normal, but I've only driven 30 miles around town. I still have 1,800 miles to go before I get home, so we'll see how, or IF, this holds. Belt is tight, no noise from pump, occurs at any speed. I don't believe they have run a scan for codes, nor has a pressure test been done. Both are on the list for when I get back home. Thanks, Lexus_DK, for the suggestions.
  7. 2005 GX with 138K miles (I'm original owner and only driver). At about 135K the steering started to get tight off center and wouldn't self-center. As I turned the steering wheel it would get tight-easy-tight-easy in either direction. Serpentine belt was fine and fluid was full, though there was indication of moisture in the fluid (tan streaks). Fluid had never been changed, so shop changed fluid and flushed the system. All was well for almost 2,000 miles, but started to tighten up again after 2,000 highway miles over several days. Now it's just tight, no tight-easy-tight-easy. It's drivable, b
  8. 135,100 on our 2005 GX. It gas been a great vehicle, but not bullet-proof. The usual driveline clunk - warranty Failed ride height sensor (fully inflated the rear air bags) - warranty Failed coating on all 4 wheels - warranty (coming back on 1 wheel, and the spare was never replaced) Rear A/C line failed - out of warranty, but covered anyway Sunroof mechanism sticking and frame corrosion - out of warranty, but covered anyway Stuck front caliper Leak at top of radiator Corrosion around several mounting bolts under the hood And now the steering colu
  9. 2000 GS300 just turned 176,000. Timing belt at 90K and will do it again at 180K. Front struts and sway bar bushings, one headlight bulb, two O2 sensors and the power lock actuator in the right rear door. Other than those minor issues, and the usual batteries (2), brakes and tires, absolutely no problems at all. Still runs like new and gets 27mpg on trips. My wife won't part with it.
  10. I started this post three years ago, but the issue hadn't improved. If anything, it's gotten worse. My local Lexus service folks don't seem to be the answer anymore -- maybe they never were, I just presumed that it's Lexus, so they have a higher standard. Last month I took my wife's GS in for service and launched a complaint with the new service manager about wheel nut torque. I'm convinced that improper impact wrench use was the direct cause of warped front rotors, which I then replaced with top quality rotors -- by an independent shop. (The independent shop also fixed a noise in the fro
  11. I've had great service at my Lexus dealer for the past 8 years of Lexus ownership, but for some reason the mechanics don't seem to give a rat's hind end about proper torque on lug nuts, even after I brought it to the attention of my service rep. Last fall I had one heck of a time breaking some of the lug nuts loose when I swapped my summer tires/wheels for the winter ones. My air impact wouldn't budge some of them (125psi compressor). I always step-torque up to 76 ft/lbs, but the mechanic at the dealership obviously went much farther than that. I mentioned that to my service rep and he insist
  12. Nope! May have been cheaper initially, but I have had all service on both cars performed at the dealer, and in the end, that paid off (see my update).
  13. My 2005 GX had the same issue on the OEM Michelins. A couple years ago I started putting Michelin Latitude X-Ice tires on for the winter and the difference is amazing.
  14. I just dropped close to $1,700 to replace air conditioning lines on my 2005 GX (72K miles). It seems the connections failed and the only fix was to replace six lines. There was another GX in the shop for the same thing (78K miles) at the same time. Anyone else had this problem? April 10, 2012 UPDATE: Lexus came through and helped with the cost. I guess that's the benefit of having 2 Lexus (Lexi?) and having Lexus of Ann Arbor perform all maintenance.
  15. 2000 GS300 with 110,000 miles on it. The other day the right rear door power lock stopped working. It moves a little when the button on either front door is pressed, or when the remote is pressed, but won't lock or unlock without manually pushing the lock on the door. Also, when locking or unlocking the doors from the remote or the buttons on either of the front doors they make their usual sound, but then make another lock/unlock sound in all the doors about 1/2 to 3/4 second later, all on their own. Anyone experienced either of these issues before I start taking interior door panels off? Oct
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