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  1. What is this code and what do i need to change to fix the issue ?
  2. Does anyone know how many and what years the silversport was made. I have one and might be selling.
  3. I wonder If anyone who ever put an aftermarket exhaust on has this vibration ?
  4. The resonator is the muffler looking thing befor the muffler itself. some call it resonator and some intermediate pipe. NJerseyDan... there is a weight on the front of that that could of rusted.
  5. I read that lexus knew about the vibration but didn't do anything about it, it comes from the resonator in the exhaust.
  6. finally found out and repaired that noise, it were the two servos for the temp and air control.
  7. forgot that i posted the pics already .....ooooops
  8. Sorry for the long delay for a reply, did this a few months ago. Hoping to do my radio and window controls soon.
  9. Any one with any pics of after market wheels on a RX300. I was thinking of changing them on my car, just getting some ideas on how they would look.
  10. Thanks, the bulbs with the green caps you mentioned ,can i just remove the green cap ? i know the light ring around the ignition key had a green cover and i removed that one .
  11. i tried to upload a vid of the servo that is making the noise but it won't alow me
  12. Thanks, when i have time i will convert all the ugly green interior lights to white or blue to match the center display.
  13. that was my first thought also , i'll try to get some pics or a vid on here.