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  1. My glass sunroof on my 2010 RE350 exploded with no impact of any sort. Scared tyhe crap out of me! There was a hole in the exact center of the glass with thousands of stress fractures. After a lot of "discussion" the dealer contacted corporate it was repaired under warranty ($1000 repair). They calim to have never had heard of such a occurance. Has anyone else on the forum? has a forum on this topic with 100's of people experiencing it on all bradns of vehicles.....
  2. 2010 RX350 factory oil fill?

  3. You cab get a Lexus filter For $29 here:
  4. I have a 2004 LS430 and went on a hunt to find to filetr, too. It's under a small panel, on the drivers side about 18" from the bumper. The door is about 6" square. Good luck
  5. I live a distance from my Lexus dealer so I do my own oil chages on my 2004 LS430 every 5,000 miles as prescribed. How is the service reminder light reset? Thanks
  6. I have a 2004 Lexus LS430 with a satellite "ready" radio. It even has a SAT button. The dealer wants a modest $1,000 to install the Lexus XM system. This seems out of site for a radio that is suppoed to be ready. All that I think is need is a tuner. Any thoughts on this topic? I contacted Lexus in California however they did not respond. Thanks.