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  1. Congrats. I got the Riviera Red as well, nice and sophisticated. Generally when i tell people that havent seen the car that it is red there response is "why redd?". That is until they see it in person, then they love it.
  2. Congrats UCF3!!! I have the flaxen interior as well, i love it!! Recently downloaded Lexus enform app on my phone as well. Did a bing search via voice and then got listing results and mapped the nearest location. Process was simple and quick, coming from my 2K Gs300 with no bluetooth connectivity and no GPS I feel spoiled.
  3. Thanks all. Lex-sv that is hilarious and so true i was having fun with the new ride and then the car payment came in the mail. I forgot I had to pay for it. LOL
  4. So doing this vacation thing and havent been able to post pics, but to cope with my loss I am thinking of putting 20's on my new ride. Don't intend on overdoing it as I want my ride to remain classy yet sporty. I am adding a few screenshots, let me know what you think. Or if you have any ideas let me know as well. On the path to recovery.... ^_^
  5. Thanks, i thought that i would need to join a support group to help me deal with the loss. Will post pics the first chance that i get.
  6. After 13 years and 290K miles I finally got rid of my 2000 platinum series GS300 and purchased a 2013 GS350 F sport. I will admit I was very very sad to see the old Lexus go but it was time. Up until 200K miles I didnt have many issues but of late repairs were stacking up. I was even somewhat emotional on the drive ("the last drive") to the dealership. Once I saw and drove the 2013 GS350 F sport, I fell in love all over again. I was so caught up that I forgot to say good bye to my old Lexus. LOL. I went from being Fred Flinstone to George Jetson. With all the tech there is a learning curve but I couldnt be happier.
  7. I am somewhat angry must vent. Previously I mentioned me having to change 2 tires(20's and same wheel) within the last 4 months. Well guess what I had another tire problem and it took 4 days to ship the tire but when the tire did come and in between me getting my hair cut and picking up the new tire I got a nail in another tire. I thought that it would be a simple patch but I had obtaibed damage to the side of the tire on the inner sidewall. Well that makes 2 tires replaced in 2 weeks maybe a new worlds record. The good thing is sence I have the insurance it will only be 100 bucks to replace the two. But damn I guess this is the cost for looking good.
  8. My 2 cents. 1. It is rumored that the new GS is scheduled to come out in Japan fall of 2K4 and soon after the states as well. 2. The GS430 has plenty of acceleration(have you test drove one?) but if you need more you can add intake, piggyback ECU, exhaust(not all are loud) and change the torque converter.
  9. The GS is roomier than the IS but it is not as quick. As far as the rain my car has slide a couple of times but I think that I was putting a little too much peddle to the metal. But all in all the GS is sporty(not quite as sporty as the IS) and is classier than the IS. Whatever your decision is enjoy.
  10. Nice. :whistles: Good to see that things are coming together.
  11. DO NOT USE THAT! A local news channel here did one of those things where they test a product out to see if it really works or if its just a rip off and that think caused more dents than it fixed. You have to use some sort of glue on your car too...which I'm sure is not good for your paint. Also the dent has to be a "perfect" dent right in the middle of your door or panel or something for it to work properly. STAY AWAY from that crap!! Aight will steer clear :P. Thanx.
  12. "Welcome to the club Matt :D !" There are allot of people with useful info in this forum and they are not afraid to share it.
  13. I saw this add on TV for this thing that pulls the dings and dents out the car. Anyone else see, it if so does it work?
  14. Yeah I agree with blue referring to it depending on the individual. For me the problem with stock is the fact that if the car is popular you will see all these cars on the road that looks like the attack of the clones. I strive to be different and I feel that adding mods add to the cars individuality and in a way mirrors the owner personality and taste. But stock is cool I wish there were more stock Hondas, people do some weird things to those rides to set them apart <!--emo&--><!--endemo--> .
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