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  1. look up past post on installing a navigation update. i had posted one last year. it only takes 5 minutes. good luck.
  2. Hi Mike, I am drb... and I am a private owner. Bought it in December from the dealer who sold it new. Original owner traded it in on a new one. (must be nice!) I love it but am looking at buying some additional property and should lose the car payment first. Already sold my wifes BMW so I would need to find something to replace the lx before I could sell it. Maybe we could make a car swap if we liked each others cars. If you have any questions, give me a call @ 815-389-5400 days, or before 9pm cst. Thanks drb
  3. i have a loaded grey 2001 in mint condition for sale. the navigation is wonderful. set up to play dvds! want more info? contact me @815-389-5400.
  4. ready to sell the stock wheels? call me @ 815-389-5400 thanks del
  5. if you find wheels, i am looking for a set of the stock 2003-2004 wheels. let me know what you would want for the set... with or without tires! thanks del 815-389-5400
  6. just slip in the new dvd. the dealer said that is all that is needed. it will update the software and be ready to go.
  7. save yourself the $42 the dealers charge for the update. move the passenger seat fully forward and tip up the rear as high as possible. you will see a cover with two plastic screws. unscrew them and remove the cover. this is the ecu for the navigation. on the left side there is a lock... slide it to the right. turn on the ignition. push the eject button by the lock button on the ecu. the disk will pop out. check the version that you have. ONCE YOU INSTALL THE NEW DISK IT WILL ALSO UPDATE THE SOFTWARE AND YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO USE THE OLDER VERSION. SLIDE THE LOCK BACK TO THE LEFT AND REINSTALL THE COVER. MOVE THE SEAT BACK AND CONGRADULATIONS... YOU JUST SAVED $42.
  8. sorry it took so long as i have been waiting a picture to put on the post, too. we'll just do without as it is really not needed. slide the passenger seat all the way to the front and tip up the back for more room. you will find a plastic cover on the floor. remove the plastice screws and the cover (yes they are screws not snaps). this is the navigation unit. on the left side of the unit there is a lock, slide the lock to the right. turn on the ignition switch. push the eject button on the nav unit (under the seat). the disk will come out. check and see what version you have. REMEMBER WHEN YOU INSTALL THE NEW VERSION, YOU CAN NOT RETURN TO THE OLDER VERSION AS IT ALSO UPDATES SOFTWARE IN THE UNIT! congradulations... you just saved $42 for 5 minutes work. now if anyone has an 2003 version i can borrow for a few days... drop me a line at tigacff22@charter.net.
  9. e-mail me your phone number or e-mail address and i will walk you through it. tigacff22@charter.net. i am interested if the update was worth it and what the cost was.
  10. interested in your wheels if they fit an lx470. are you selling tires? what brand are they? where are you located? cost for wheels? cost for wheels & tires? email me at tigacff22@charter.net.
  11. doctor bypass device is not neccessary. look at post under audio video. i did mine and it works great.
  12. this information has been posted earlier but is worth repeating. while this information works for lx470's up to 2002, it is up to you to check if the wiring for your vehicle is the same. you can watch dvd's on the navigation screen with a simple 15 minute fix. pull the wood panel off from the center of the dash. there are two clips towards the outside of the top of the panel and two about 6 inches down on the sides. remove the electric clock connection on the bottom of the panel and set aside. remove the four screws holding the navigation screen. behind the temp up and down button there is a grey connector. locate and cut the violet wire 2" from the unit. shrink wrap or tape off these wires. this elimimate the speed sensor turning off the video. in the same connector, locate and cut the red wire with the white stripe 4-5" from the unit. shrink wrap or tape off the end that goes to the wiring harness. strip the end coming from the unit and ground it to the top left screw holding the unit in the metal frame. this simulates the emergency brake being on. slip everthing back together and only watch videos while moving ONLY IF YOU ARE THE PASSENGER! many thanks to sal who posted this back in february of 2002. by the way i e-mailed doctor bypass on ebay to ask him what his makes his $95. unit better than this free fix and got no reply.
  14. seems lexus feels it is ok to charge over $500 for a update for our navigation systems. can anyone make some copies out there? i have never been a pirate, but it seems to be ok for lexus.