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  1. I believe the rain sensor only works if the droplets are moving on the windshield. If it a light drizzle or you're stopped at a stop light / stop sign / just starting up from park, the droplets may not be moving and the sensor will not "see" them. I like the sensing wipers and use the variable rate control as needed. The seat belt chime stops after a bit, if you like driving without seat belts.
  2. $169 plus labor is kind of typical for updates. No guarantee Lexus nav will match a garmin
  4. I bought a 2010 RX450h AWD it came with Dunlops. I hated them, but went ahead and worn them out and replaced them with Michelins. When I traded the 2010 for a 2012 RX450h AWD, I asked that the Michelins be put on the new RX. The new car had Bridgestones. I wanted the Michelins. 30,000 miles later on the '12 they are in good condition and quiet. At some point, I had alignments done to both cars. It's free if done before 12,000 miles. Monitoring pressure is important.
  5. When in a map (possibly with a destination set) on the bottom of the map is a row of buttons (you may have to push the "ON" button first), there will be a button called "Show On Map". Push that button, it will bring up another box of options. Click the option "Trace Route" and you will be given the choice of stopping route trace.
  6. If you haven't had the opportunity, visit Tire Rack and do a comparison of the various brands. I've had good success with 19" Michelins on an AWD 450h. Much quieter than the factory installed Dunlops.
  7. What other information was on the card. Model, Model Year, or other information?
  8. Ed, The car has no preference for wax. It's what you prefer. The soft glow of a carnauba wax or the highly defined reflection of a synthetic wax. The average life of a carnauba wax or the longer life of a synthetic wax. Or appearance of a first coat of a synthetic and a second coat of a carnauba. It depends on what you are looking for Ed. If you enjoying waxing your car and like doing it every so often, then carnauba. If you prefer to wax less often then use a synthetic. I prefer to wax less often and I use Meguiar's Ultimate Wax, it's a synthetic. It's available at WalMart, O'Reilly's, AutoZone or Advance Auto Parts, as are most wax products from many different companies. Here's a good starting point: Secondly, I can't answer whether those items you list can be added on. I do think you will find them to be very expensive to add on. Go to a Lexus dealership and have them price it out for you. Then think about buying the parts somewhere else and having them installed at an aftermarket auto specialty shop. Either way, I think it will be expensive. The benefit you gain may not be worth the expense.
  9. Yep, it was a problem with some of the '10s and sometimes the rear bumper facia too. Not sure what your dealer is talking about the car getting hit on the left and not being able to fix something on the right.
  10. It's called "Route Trace". While the map is shown look for the "Show On Map" button, it will bring up a menu with the route trace option, turn it off. Hope that works for you.
  11. Do you have an original Lexus installed remote start or was it added later by someone else? Either way, it needs to go back to either the dealership or the third party who installed the remote start. You say, "When I approach the car the doors unlock and the engine turns off which is how I know this is related to the remote start." I don't think this is correct function. If this were correct function, you could never lock the car. You'd lock it, start to walk away and it would unlock. I think you have to touch the car to unlock it. If however, this is some personalized setting, perhaps the dealer could change it. Also the engine, if remote started properly, should only stop the moment you open the driver's or passenger's door. It will not stop if you unlock the car or you open the tailgate. I'm guessing Lexus thought you might want to throw some packages in the rear, yet keep the engine running. The original Lexus remote start on the '12 does not have a "cold start" feature and even if it did, you said you just parked the car so wouldn't it be warm? Have you noticed what your hazard lights are doing when this happens? There should be some beeping and lights flashing just before the car remote starts. If you can place the fob in your hand, buttons side up, not touch the buttons and walk away from the car without touching the buttons and the car starts, you've got a ghost in the car. I think you need to see your dealership or the third party remote start installer and get the ghost exorcised from your car. If on the other hand, you have the fob in your pocket or purse with some change, keys or a cellphone, something is pushing the buttons to start the car. There should be a separate remote start manual if this is a Lexus remote start. Review it. It has other helpful information.
  12. After having a 2010 and a 2012, I've rarely met the criteria to switch to EV mode and seldom try any more. Folks familiar with the criteria and have a certain amount of patience can switch it on fairly successfully. I have not heard of Lexus having difficulties with this matter, up till now!
  13. Run it through a touchless car wash, then take it home. Buy an assortment brushes for your rims and tires, never use them on the paint no matter how soft they appear to be. Buy two 5-gallon buckets, most lumber yards (Home Depot, Lowe's, Menards) have them. Pick up or order the many products you've read about in your articles. Once home, start by washing your wheels with a quality automotive soap. Now do a two-bucket wash of the car from the top downward to the rocker panels. Throughly rinse, dry with a quality chamois or synthetic chamois, then a waffle weave towel. Better yet use an electric leaf blower. Better because you're not touching the paint. Clay the car using a good lubricant. The car may have been made in Japan, rode in a steel box on a ship for a month, then rode on a train and that covered the car with rail dust and then it may have ridden on a transport and gotten covered with other contaminates and if it spent any time on the dealer's lot, no telling what birds dropped on it. Claying removes bonded contaminates to help create a smooth surface for all your other future work. A smooth surface helps with creating excellent reflections. You can hand polish after claying, but machine polishing with a dual-action buffer is easier and produces a nearly defect free surface for waxing. Find a wax you like and use it often. Don't wait, there is no reason to wait. The paint is dried, cured and ready for your love by the time it left the factory. Wax now. Learn proper washing techniques, most defects come from washing. Touching the paint anytime can leave a defect(s).
  14. Yep, been on 405. Thought it was stop and go slow all the time. :) I like my GPS, just think it lacks a couple of features.
  15. Sorry cant help with a quality comment.
  16. Did the dealership make a comment about towing causing camera failure? I'm curious what is the correlationship between the two?
  17. I've read this a couple of times, still not sure what it's about. If you're talking about a Lexus RX, can't imagine there's anti-theft wiring exposed on the underside of the car. I'll have to check the manual to figure out if I have the key(fob) when I, the owner, would have to crawl under the car to trick the security system.
  18. medavinci, How old is your car? Alignment and Balance is covered by warranty. This is from the warranty booklet, "Coverage is for 48 months or 50,000 miles, whichever occurs first, with the exception of wheel alignment and wheel balancing, which are covered for 12 months or 20,000 miles, whichever occurs first." After 17 near misses, I'd be thinking about driving on another road. Or put those small convex mirrors on top of your mirrors. How does a hit in a parking lot screw up the alignment on the front and rear of your car? Replacing tires should not affect alignment, balance maybe. Needing to replace tires means your alignment, balance, or air pressure was screwed up. You should have alignment and balance done if you a ruining tires at the time you get new tires. Doing business in a dealership for 10 years and you're not happy with the service manager, then move up the corporate ladder and talk to the general manager. If you are referring to the tachometer, yes it should show 1000 or more when the engine is running and you are at a stop sign. At zero, the engine is turned off.
  19. Do you have navigation or not? Page 341 of the online owners' manual describes the operation of non-navigation audio. Page 262 of the online navigation manual describes the operation of navigation audio. To answer your question, USB yes, AUX no.
  20. Go to this web site if you haven't already and register with your VIN for your car. After doing so and when you log in items relative to your car will be available. If you don't log in, you could view manuals from many different models and years.
  21. Page 285 of the online manual describes it, but you will need an Apple "dock connector to composite" cable.
  22. Page 59 in the navigation manual indicates the procedure for importing images into the car and I would think the instructions must be followed exactly or the process will not work. The size of the images is important. Bitmap does not appear in the acceptable image format list. Also note the folder names are case sensitive. Follow the instructions exactly. Sometimes it something simple you're overlooking.
  23. Don't expect your best mileage if you only have 500 miles and headed into winter. Many folks suggest the "break-in" period is several thousand miles and the colder outdoor temperatures may make the internal combustion engine, ICE, run for longer amounts of time. The '10 is very comfortable and a joy to drive. Keep us updated and come back if you have any questions.
  24. anasazi, While delicate, the brilliance of color and reflectivity of the paint and clear coat is awesome. With some moderation in the extremes of care, you'll be very happy and proud.
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