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  1. Totally agree and thanks for the warm welcome. While I purchased clay, I know I won't been needing it for a while. I'm located in the Austin area and had some trouble finding access to self-serve car washing bays without chemicals. Seems most people prefer the automatic car wash.
  2. Hi There, I recently purchased a 2013 IS 250 and have been reading up on proper detailing techniques: wash, claying, wax, wheel care, leather, etc. For those interested, I have found to be a fantastic resource though you will have to put up with shameless promotions of their products. Admittedly, it's effective as I ended up purchasing a number of their products while learning many great tips and tricks. Still, I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on car care such as how long I should wait to wax a new car. Is there anything that uniquely applies to new cars? Any general g
  3. Welcome to the Lexus forums theend1077 :)

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