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  1. Thanks Buk! I'll bring it back. It didn't come with a manual that went over the remote start feature but I was able to find one online. I bought it used and don't know if it was installed after market. I'll bring it back and let them figure out what's going on. Thanks again.
  2. I recently purchased a 2012 RX350 with remote start. Over the week that I've owned it the remote start has initiated on 4 seperate days on its own. It happens after the car has been parked and I have exited the car. As I'm walking away from the car I hear the engine turn over. When I approach the car the doors unlock and the engine turns off which is how I know this is related to the remote start. Has this happened to anyone? Is there some cold start feature I'm not aware of that may be affecting this? If so, how do I turn off this feature? One of the 4 days I had this happen 3 times i
  3. Steve

    Welcome to the Lexus forums RMP :)

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