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  1. can sunglass compartment be installed replaceing the safty connect garbage

  2. I think that my next tires will be Bridgestone Ecopia HL 422. 235/55/19". It must be said that I live in L.A. so weather is not an issue here...very little rain, nice year round. I was looking at Pirelli Scorpion Verde but I was talked out of it or any Pirelli tire. I don't need tires for another year though. But I do like to research way beforehand on anything. My last RX was a 2006 RX400h and the best tires that I had on that were Yokohama Parada Spec X...they were fabulous. Hope this helps...there was already a topic on this...see earlier post...at this time it is still on this page. Rey in L.A. Aug 2013
  3. Anyone have Bridgestone Ecopia HL 422? I have a 2010 RX350,19"...after the OEM Dunlops are done I am leaning towards this tire. On my 2006 RX400h the last tires that I bought were great, Yokohama Parada SpecX (18"). I also had Toyo STs...(or something like that). For the 19" tries that I have now, I am tempted to try something new. But it won't be for about a year yet so if any of you can tell me what you think of your Bridgestone Ecopia HL 422s, I'd appreciate it. Thanks, Rey in LA. Now I have been reading about the Pirelli Scorpion Verde....looks like a perfect tire for me here in L.A.
  4. Yes. always show a photo or something...I think that you mean the INSIDE part that butts up against the privacy, pull screen. It's the section that you do not generally see because it is attached to the hatch at the bottom of the rear window. The reason that I know the part is that I hit it once and it came loose. Anyway, no, I don't know the part number. Rey in Sunny LA
  5. Yes, I really love this car. I was just thinking that this morning here in LA...the weather was perfect...my car is just...so nice! I LOVE the "mouse" for the nav.....I will have to get that again no matter what car I get after this...maybe my third RX? Happy trails, Rey
  6. I don't know about where you live but here in LA the Toyota dealership does not fare well compared to the amazing Lexus dealership, Glendale Lexus....I love going to the nice Lexus dealership....plus the fact is, I have the Lexus Visa card. I use it to pay for every fill up...many purchases and because of the rewards, I usually pay nothing or very little to get my service. I did not pay a single cent on my last ,(30K, service and wash) ..plus now that I do not have a hybrid, I don't ask for a loaner so I go to the nice diner on the next block! Having the Lexus rewards Visa is great. Just my two cents. I like luxury even at a dealership. Rey in LA
  7. I haven't been able to find anything about this ...let me tell you what I see on my GPS....there are dots along routes even when I have not set any destination. They are numerous small dots along streets and freeways....what is that? Anyone? Anyone else have this? 2010 RX350.....don't know what GPS version that I have....Rey in LA.
  8. Thanks for all of your input. It's the end of the year (2012), I've had my fabulous 2010 RX350 for five months and I get 19.7 combined.
  9. I definitely love this generation RX...I was never crazy about the Gen 2 400h....I love this 2010...and the mouse for my GPS is great...I really like that feature quite a bit, I hated the dirty screen...I could not keep that clean...I love not having to touch the screen now and I work the mouse really well now that I am used to it. Happy trails! Rey
  10. The initial pull forward from a dead stop is so nice with the 350...but on the freeway, when I can go fast, the 400h is amazing and much faster once it is going. I miss the CVT but am fine with the 350. I am getting a combined 19.7 MPG w my 350 as opposed to 24.5 w my old 400h.....I just love the RX line so I will have this one for about 3 years and see what the 2017 RX is like. The 400h I had for 6 years so I did see me getting my money's worth w gas savings. Rey
  11. I don't even own a cell phone so I feel happy with this GPS...I have never felt comfortable getting around here in LA or anywhere...so this technology has been fabulous and I appreciate what I HAVE rather than what I DON'T. Thanks for the help....happy driving...Rey
  12. Thanks so much...I got it on my GPS now...mostly I just like the icon...although, today going to the Getty Center...which if you aren't familiar with LA, is on the 405...the busiest freeway in the country....it did tell me "Stop and Go Traffic for the Next Six Miles..." so I took off the freeway option and drove on the streets instead...so I like it....people often complain here about the GPS but I don't know any different so I have always been quite happy with both RX's (06 400h, '10 350) and the GPSes....I guess I just don't complain about most things...life's too short......Rey in Sunny LA...even in December.....
  13. I loved this info...I had NEVER had my mirrors set up this way and it has made a big difference now that I have adjusted as explained. I feel a lot better in LA traffic because of this post, thanks, Rey in LA
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