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  1. Dave...thanks for the suggestion. However, I don't know anyone with a new iPhone 6 and all my friends have Android devices. I'm just going to wait this one out until we hear more. Besides, her iPhone 4 works fine and the RX330 is running great.
  2. How do I find out if the new iPhone 6 is compatible with my wife's 2006 RX330 Bluetooth? Tried Lexus web site, but couldn't find links to help me. Wife wants new iPhone 6 and I'm worried that it might not be compatible with her RX330. She will then want a new Lexus . Please help.
  3. Doesn't identify models. States "... certain Toyota, Lexus, and Scion vehicles..." The card says to go to this website or call (877) 283-0597
  4. I just receive a postcard n the mail saying there is a class action lawsuit against Toyota Apparently there is a problem that causes unintended acceleration. Sounds scary. Has anyone had this problem?
  5. Thanks for the reply... Since I saw someone was able to do it, I tried again. I was not doing the procedure on the iPhone correctly. Now iPhone is paired. I'm relieved that I don't need to by a new Lexus just because my new iPhone wouldn't pair.
  6. Help... My new iPhone 5 will not pair with my 2006 RX330
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