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  1. All dealers suggest either bridgestone or Michelin, it seems they are the only ones in the market. I am inclined towards pirellis, have one more week to decide.
  2. How was your experience with Pirellis? Are they very tough on ride?
  3. Does it make a difference to buy V or H tires? I am low mile driver, but would like my tires to last long number of years. Why does V tires price are higher than H tires?
  4. how much should I pay for 40K service of my 2010 rx350 in Houston area?
  5. I have a similar problem, my 2010 rx350 does not recognize some roads , even the old roads. My 5 yrs old garmin gps could find them.
  6. Recently, I purchase a 2010 rx350 having low miles. I have to change tires by next month, any suggestions on which one should I buy ?
  7. Steve

    Welcome to the Lexus forums Immu :)

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