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  1. Can't transfer. Tried several times. Works easy on my wife's RX-350. Motor is running. Says transferring, but it isn't. Tips?
  2. I took my 2004 RX-330 in for service at my family's mechanic shop for a complete servicing. A month later I took it into the Lexus dealer for a floor mat recall. He said my brake fluid and power steering fluid needed immediate change as they were dirty/contaminated. He also noted the crankcase rear main seal had engine oil seep and needed repair. Total estimated repair bill was $2,559.14. I sent the store manager a letter explaining the two fluids had been changed the month prior and a photo of the supposed engine oil seep area-which was clean. I explained this was a scam and I was supr
  3. I took my 2010 RX-350 into the Lexus dealer and asked about the top of the front bumper on the right side. It would pop out about an inch. I pushed it back in and soon it would come out again. The dealer said the bumper had been hit underneath the left side and the attaching clips on the right side could not be replaced. He said the fix was to replace the bumper. I didn't want to do that. About a month later I had a paint chip guy work on some rock chips. He said attachment to the bumper was a flaw in the design and Lexus was fixing them free. Anyone else have this problem?
  4. In January I bought an 04 ES-330 with 113,000 miles in excellent condition for $11,000.
  5. I also have an 04 RX-330 as of three months ago. I would like to upgrade the disc. Any help would be appreciated.
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