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2015 RX350 CD Player won't show track titles

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My 2015 RX 350 CD player won't display the song/track titles.  The dealer says that the software is up to date. They also say the CD has to have a Gracenote emblem on them to display the track names. I have over 500 CD's and none of them have a Gracenote emblem on them.  If I place any of my CD's in a 2009 Nissan Murano (which also uses Gracenote), the track titles are displayed. Has anyone else experienced this?

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I've never bothered to look into why artist, album and track information doesn't show when playing music from CD's on Toyota/Lexus in-dash systems but all the information does show on the in-dash screens after I copied my music collection to my phone and then stream the same music from my phone via Bluetooth.  And it's way easier to scroll through my rather large music collection on my phone screen than to juggle a bunch of physical CD's.  I put phone holders high on our dashboards to make it easier.  The steering wheel controls can be used to skip and restart music tracks streamed from phones over Bluetooth.

Streaming my music collection via Bluetooth from my phone sounds as good as playing the same music from an original commercial CD - I've tried hard to tell a difference even with engine off.  Bluetooth sound quality sure has improved since the early days.

I don't listen to my music collection all that much anymore ... mainly stream from Internet services (Pandora, YouTube Music, Amazon Prime Music, Tunein Radio) or listen to The Bridge or The Spectrum channels on XM satellite radio while I drive.  I use the free iBolt Dock'n Drive phone app to make using streaming apps safer to use while driving.

All the music on your 500 albums would probably all fit on an 32 GB SD card in your phone or in an iPhone if it has a decent amount of memory.  Or upload your music to a cloud storage service and stream it from there.  A bonus of having my music collection on my phone is that I can listen to it while I'm flying and in other situations where I don't have Internet access.  

Sorry I can't answer your question but CD's are going the way of cassette and 8-track tapes.  Some car makers have stopped putting CD players in new vehicles.  

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Thanks Jim,  I appreciate your insight.  I too stream music from my phone through Bluetooth. I also have tunes on my phone through my own Amazon library, Prime Music and Sirius XM. I'm gonna check out D 'n D app although I have a feeling that is for iPhones only. Even so, I like to see why something that should work from every indication I've seen  doesn't, except for what the dealer says.  Thanks again for your response.

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