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In good condition.  Make an offer and cover shipping costs and its yours!IMG_0171.thumb.JPG.23c50cf0b1640be1b0fba

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    • By FriesPlease
      So what my es300 2003 is doing is it takes a little more rpm to go the same speed, and a noticeable about more press of the pedal. 
      I replaced the fuel filter, cleaned the fuel injectors with gas cleaner, and gave it an oil treatment. 
      It also shifts weird because of it, since the ecu is trying to Rev match but it's not used to what's going on. 
      I've been trying to figure it out myself, I'm thinking maybe just replace injectors or a throttle position sensor. But the position sensor wouldn't explain the lack of power as well. And the lack of power is inconsistent. Sometimes there's power, sometimes there isn't power. 
      Any help appreciated!! 
    • By BeachBumForever
      2003 ES300 - The passenger side light on the trunk is not lighting and indicator on dash shows it is not working. I found the replacement bulb (7440 single filament) but have no idea of how to remove trunk liner for access to the bulb. Trunk liner seems to be held in place with plastic push pins and I don't want to break any. Any advice will be appreciated.
    • By ggc
      My parents have a 2000 Lexus RX300.  About 6 months ago it developed a parasitic drain that would completely drain the battery if it sat for a few days.  I tested the current draw for all the fuses under the hood and found the DOME fuse was consistently drawing about 0.5 amps with the doors closed and the interior lights off.  I removed the DOME fuse and the battery has maintained its charge after sitting for several weeks.  Odd thing is that when I removed the DOME fuse, we lost power to the radio and the center information panel.  I don't know why the radio and information panel would be effected by the DOME circuit.  Is there a component that would interconnect the radio/information center to the Dome circuit? Thanks, Gilbert
    • By JADV
      2002 ES300  175,000 miles  Has problem with intermittent exhaust smoke at start up.  Not always, mostly after highway driving.  Uses 1 quart of oil between 3,000 mile oil changes
    • By bchango
      My 2015 RX 350 CD player won't display the song/track titles.  The dealer says that the software is up to date. They also say the CD has to have a Gracenote emblem on them to display the track names. I have over 500 CD's and none of them have a Gracenote emblem on them.  If I place any of my CD's in a 2009 Nissan Murano (which also uses Gracenote), the track titles are displayed. Has anyone else experienced this?