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Possible axle issue 07 es


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I have a 07 es350 with 155k and recently replaced the front struts, with the rear getting done next few weeks. Turns out i waited to long and all 4 tires were cupped. Driving out off the shop and onto a freeway had vibration coming from front and steering wheel, so replaced the front tires with two good spares ( that were mildly cupped), same brand and model, and vibration gone. Now I have the same issue OBwan had,  a slight vibration felt in the seat (not through the steering wheel)from 45mph and up that does not increase with speed, but goes away around 60mph. Also there when turning at speed, as when entering on-ramps etc. Although the rear tires are also cupped, I left them on until I can replace rear struts, then i will get a new set of four tires. My concern is that I read that the es350 has had front axle issues and I am worried that is what is causing the vibration. A. should i be concerned? B. can putting the car on a lift for visual inspection spot this issue? (concerned an enterprising mechanic will just tell me i need new axles, bad or not. Can you replace just one?) C. if it is an axle any recommendation on after market brand? At this point my plan was to first replace rear struts, then buy new set of Conti Pure Contacts, and if vibration persists, replace one or both axles. Any suggestions would be appreciated as this is getting expensive!

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You're over-worrying the issue. The bible of car repairs is to fix what you know needs fixing and do regular maintnance. Throwing parts at a problem without knowing what the real problem is just wastes money ... a lot of it.

That said, you know you have rear cupped tires that cause the seat vibration. Fix the struts and then put on the new tires, and see how the car rides. Most people would do a 4 wheel alignment after strut replacement as well.

That may be the only things the car needs. Your axles may be perfectly fine. Usually when one of them go bad, they click, clunk, rattle or cause vibrations. In your case, a front drive car, a bad half axle should cause vibration in the front of the car, not the rear.

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Thanks gbhrps this is good advice. My mechanic confirmed vibration is from cupped rear tires. replacing rear struts/springs this week, then putting up with the vibration another 10-20k miles before replacing all four tires as I have only 30k on them now. 

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