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  1. I agree, thanks. 165k miles on original struts. I'm gonna just replace everything. Digging around some more online I found this at A1auto. They show one part number for 2004-2006 for both the Lexus ES 330 and the Toyota Camry. (And the description states that they are for both cars ). They are an off brand which I don't want to buy. I'm thinking I will go to rock auto and buy the KYB excel-G's , complete assembly that they show list for 2006 V6 Camry. Great price also at $120 each for complete assembly. I also looked up the parts (KYB struts without springs and KYB mounts) for both vehicles on RockAuto and they show the same part number as well for both vehicles. They just don't list the KYB excel G assembly for the Lexus ES 330.
  2. I'm ordering KYB GR-2/Excel-G's for replacement on my 2006 ES330 that has AVS . I am replacing the mounts as well. 1) Is there any reason to replace the coil spring insulators and the front coil spring seats? 2) Does anyone sell the KYB Excel-G's fully loaded with springs for the ES330? I haven't found them. (They do show them for 2006 Camry)3) Will the 2006 Camry KYB excel-G fully loaded application work on the 2006 ES330? If so, do they need to be ordered for the 4 or 6 cylinder? They show different part numbers.Thanks.
  3. What was the outcome on this? I am having the EXACT same problem with mine now. Thanks.