Vibration while accelerating

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2007 ES350 with 180K........while accelerating have motor vibration. Also if at speed, any speed,  any increase on the pedal and get vibration. Seems to be getting worse since first noticed a number of months ago. Recent tire rotation and balance, alienment, new struts all around. Mechanic says could be motor mount(s). How to verify which mount, or should all be replaced? Does engine have to be pulled? Any idea the cost? And last, if it is a motor mount, what's worse case if I do nothing?

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I tend to agree with your mechanic that you may have one or more bad motor mounts. The vibrations will only get worse and the added stress can chafe wiring harnesses and add wear to other car components leading possibly to failures down the road. It would be best to replace all of the mounts (3 engine, 1 transmission) as they are all supporting the same motor and work in sync with each other.

While the motor needs to be raised during the replacement of the mounts, I don't believe it requires being pulled from the car.

I've included an eBay listing for a complete set to give you an idea of cost of the parts.


eBay item number:
But there may well be some other issue for the vibration, so it might be a good idea to get the opinion of a second mechanic before committing to the motor mounts replacement. Good Luck!

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      Curious to know if anyone else has experienced with a new vehicle. Any inputs on this is appreciated.
      I have called up the dealer and explained the issue. Got an appointment for Saturday.
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      Bought a 2007 ES350, in great condition, but it stutters occasionally. That is, when I depress the accelerator, it doesn't respond or it hesitates before responding. Not sure how to address this issue. It's not severe, but don't want a dealer trip if it is something simple. Actually not sure it's acceleration or transmission. Bother!