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  1. Cabin Air Filter Replacement

    Installed the new aftermarket filter with the arrow for air flow pointing down and seems to be working. Blower is then moving air from ABOVE to Below the filter into the cabin. Any other comments or opinions?
  2. Cabin Air Filter Replacement

    I checked the old filter and there was no arrow indication on either side.
  3. Replacing cabin air filter in a 2003 Lexus ES 300 with an aftermarket filter. New filter has an arrow indicating air flow. Should the filter be installed with the arrow pointing UP or DOWN? Several conflicting opinions on other sites.
  4. Changing My Cabin Air Filter.

    I know this is a late reply, but, yes, a very simple and quick job. Just be sure to get the correct filter for your year and model. Charcoal filter is my choice.
  5. Look under the dash just to the left of the steering wheel or behind the small change compartment in the lower dash next to the trunk and gas door release to the left of the steering wheel (remove the box by pressing the right side in and then gently pulling up and out). Hope this helps.
  6. Would a member please post or describe where these drain hoses are located on the ES 300. Thanks in advance.
  7. Best Tires for ES 300

    Hi guys, does anyone have any recommendations on Firestone tires or the brands they carry? I have had great luck with them in the past and want some all weather touring, not performance tires. Advice is appreciated.
  8. Es330 Glove Box Tensioner

    Same problem here on my 2003 ES 300. Tim John, what is the name and part number that you found on Is there a diagram available that shows the part and how it is attached to the piston? Is it easily installed? Such a small thing but a real PITA.
  9. How Do I Replace A Fog Lamp Assembly

    Please post pics, they will be most helpful. p
  10. Fog Light Problem

    Thanks for the reply. Where is the vent tube on the fog light unit and can it be accessed without removing the entire unit? How is the unit removed from the bumper? I have not been inside the wheel liner yet so I am needing a little guidance.
  11. Fog Light Problem

    Need some help with how to replace a fog light on a 2003 ES 300. The driver side fog light does not come on and there is condensation inside the lens. Should I replace the entire unit or just the bulb and try to reseal the lens? I understand thet the unit is accessible by pulling back the inner fender liner. Any instructions or advice is appreciated.
  12. "over The Counter" Leather Cleaner

    After spraying the leather ( The best and cheapest OTC leather cleaner is a 6:1 dillution of Woolite and water, in a spray bottle.) do you brush (stiff, medium ot soft) or rub with a microfiber cloth to remove the grime? Is it then wiped off with a damp towel? Need some additional info on how to use this before attempting to clean my grey leather interior.
  13. Best Tires for ES 300

    I just purchased a 2003 ES 300, pristine condition with 208,000 miles. The tires are pretty well worn and I would like fellow LOC members to recommend their favorite tires. I am in the SE so no driving in snow with a 70% city/30% highway driving ratio. More interested in comfort and quietness than performance. Any recommendations will be welcomed with your comments.