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RX 400h Nav/Audio upgrade Gen 4 to Gen 5

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I have seen many posts about this but none that says it was successfully done.
Is there any one out there who has successfully updated a Gen4 nav and audio with ML to a Gen5 system ML?

If there is please share any info relating to:
1. What parts are needed to be changed
2. what connections need to be rewired or added.
3. Is the finished upgrade fully working or are there features that are missing?


Gen 4 Mark Levinson - note CLOCK button


Gen 5 with DVD and Mark Levinson - note AUDIO button


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Hi, I think he is talking about the nav head unit. I bought recently a 2006 (early) RX400H with gen4 nav head unit. I also bought a gen5 unit. For the Gen4 a 28 pin connector is used, but the gen5 unit requires a 40 pin connector. So that wont work without wiring harness changes. I could not find any info yet about how to connect the two connector's wires to each other. I've found something about the 28 pin, what pin is responsible for what functionality, but in order to make the changes I would need to have the same functional description for each pin for the 40 pin connector.

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