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  1. Does any one know what on earth this button is for?
  2. Was it a kit or something you put together your self?
  3. I believe that you need the ML radio too. On the one without the ML it would not have the controls to work the amp. It switches the apm on and off and also sends only a pre amp signal to the ML amp
  4. Took a look on ebay, I've not seen one like that before, must be a USA thing? Anyway the tape deck looks not to be blanked but not there at all and the other stuff has been moved down a bit. Also one radio buttom has AM-SAT
  5. I have seen many posts about this but none that says it was successfully done. Is there any one out there who has successfully updated a Gen4 nav and audio with ML to a Gen5 system ML? If there is please share any info relating to: 1. What parts are needed to be changed 2. what connections need to be rewired or added. 3. Is the finished upgrade fully working or are there features that are missing? Thanks Gen 4 Mark Levinson - note CLOCK button Gen 5 with DVD and Mark Levinson - note AUDIO button
  6. The head unit controls the ML amp and has the wiring connectors for it. I don't beleive they are interchangeable unless you are fitting the ML amp too. Don't think you would gain anything if you were not fitting the amp too.
  7. Blank over the tape deck? Never seen one without tape deck, have you got an image of this? .... Interesting
  8. Hi All, Tought I would show the reliability of these great cars. My RX400h SE-L is still in great shape and still on the same Hybrid battery from new! It's been serviced by Lexus Dealer twice a year for it's entire life so far. Current mileage just about to go up to 250.000 Can any one else add to the list of 200.000 mile RX models?
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