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  1. Well, Jim, Maybe it’s because you’re not driving a Lexus now? 🤷‍♂️ But instead, you’re Now driving a Toyota Sienna Limited with all options - the "Geezer Bus", according to your profile. My initial reply to the author’s post was meant for him, and not Jim. 😂
  2. @ 1990SLS400: My dealer’s Master Mechanic was accurate. You are building a STANDARD 2020 450h. I ordered a 2020 450h F Sport; the difference being “F SPORT”. The F Sport model already includes the: HEAVY-DUTY RADIATOR AND COOLING FAN AND ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION OIL COOLERS. Try building the F Sport model, and you will not find a Tow Prep Package.
  3. I custom ordered a 2020 RX 450h (not the “L” version). NOTE: I ordered the “F Sport” version. During the ordering process (about18 months ago), I specifically asked about towing because I needed it. The inventory manager at the dealer had a Lexus Master Mechanic come out and talk to me. He indicated the 2020 450h did not need any additional package for towing. In fact, every time I go to the Lexus website to “design my own” 2020 450h F Sport, there is no option that appears to add a tow package; My tow load is not large: I have a fiberglass tow-behind camper, which weighs 1,500 pounds fu
  4. I own a 2020 RX 450h F Sport, which I custom-ordered and received delivery in November, 2019. The SUV is awesome! I installed (myself) the appropriate two hitch, and then had a professional tow/trailer business install the 7-pin tow wiring harness. My question is regarding backing-up [in reverse] with my small camper attached (being towed behind) by RX. When I towed behind my Prius and needed to backup/in reverse, and the camper attached, the rear sensors kept braking unnecessarily, thinking the Prius was about to hit or strike an object. No matter how slow I backed-up in reverse, th
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