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Navigation Updates?

Nick Boltz

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Does anyone know if/when Lexus is releasing the 2018-19 navigation system update? I've searched all over the place, and the latest info I can find refers to the 2017 update.

I have a 2015 RX350 with the original maps, and I'd like to update them as soon as the newer updates become available.

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According to the old http://www.lexusnavigation.com/what-to-order/ website which was shut down in 2017 but can still be viewed through the Internet Wayback Machine, the 2013-2015 RX350 navigation system is of the type that must be updated by a Lexus dealer tech using the "Master USB SST LEXD-HDD-07-XX" tool with the XX representing the map update year.

You'll need to buy an activation card, part number PT219-HDD07-XX with the XX representing the update year and present it to the Lexus dealer that performs the update for you.

According to the following Lexus dealer web page, the 2018 map update (suffix "-18") is Version 17.1 which is odd since, from my experience, the part number suffix and Version number are usually the same:  https://parts.keyeslexus.com/oem-parts/lexus-gen7-v17-1-nav-map-u-pt219hdd0718?c=az0x

You might have to consult with a local Lexus dealership to verify.

Normally, one would buy the activation card from the same dealership that performs the update.  My wife's 2012 Prius has a similar nav system and we bought the activation card at one Toyota dealership and presented it to another Toyota dealership which did the update.  It took the dealership tech two tries and several hours to do the update - they might have regretted quoting me only $40 to do the update.  I bought the activation card for the Prius navigation system through the Costco Auto Program.  It had the same $169 retail as the Lexus activation card but I paid $143 for it through Costco.

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