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Found 8 results

  1. Does anyone know if/when Lexus is releasing the 2018-19 navigation system update? I've searched all over the place, and the latest info I can find refers to the 2017 update. I have a 2015 RX350 with the original maps, and I'd like to update them as soon as the newer updates become available.
  2. Hi, Everyone. I just purchased a used 2015 ES300h and I need to update the navigation system map. My old HS250h required that the dealer do any nav updates, but my new car has a micro SD card slot so it looks like an update should be pretty straightforward. Is it possible to buy the card somewhere for this GEN 8 system and install a new card myself? My local Lexus dealer is saying I have to buy a replacement card from them for $210 then pay to have it programmed. Any guidance, suggestions or options would be very much appreciated. Thank you!
  3. Hello all, A new RX350 driver here! Loving my lexus so far. Question on how to update the navigation maps on the car. I understand that from 2010 onwards lexus introduced hard drive based navigation system (generation 6, i believe). How do i update these maps? I know i can just take it to the dealer, but I am looking to save a couple of hundred bucks here. Has anyone done an update on the maps themselves? Where do we buy the upgrade dvd/usb? What do you recommend? Thanks!
  4. I just picked up a gen 3 Nav DVD to upgrade my 2003 GS300 original navigation. First, where is the nav ECU? I have read that it is on the trunk and also behind a panel in the dash. Also, when I do find it, do I just remove the old DVD and insert the new one and it does the rest? Just want to make sure I get all the steps right. -Thanks for any help!-
  5. Just bought our first Lexus and so far, we're thrilled with the car. Long story made short, The car was originally purchased and owned in California and we recently had it shipped to Hawaii. To our dismay, the navigation system (Generation 4, or so I've been told) does not include maps for Hawaii and my dealership has informed me there is no mapping available for my vehicle with the current navigation system installed in the car. I can't imagine I'm the first one with this case and would like to had a functional system in my car. Can I just buy an upgraded DVD for the system, or do I need to upgrade the whole thing? What steps do I have to take and what equipment do I need to purchase to have this system work on the islands? We live on Oahu if that helps at all. Thanks in advance.
  6. Casey1067

    Update Nav System

    I recently purchased a 2001 RX300 for my daughter and the navigation system has not been updated since it left the factory. I am know there are at least 7 updates. Do you have to update sequentially, that is, version 1 then 2 then 3 all the way up to the latest update?
  7. I have a 2008 IS 350 with the original navigation software. I was wondering if anyone has a current disk or a copy of a current disk so I can update my navigation. Please feel free to PM me.
  8. Can anyone tell me if the current version of the navigation update has the most recent update for the Beltway 8 Highway Revisions in NE Houston? These revisions were complete in February 2011, but I dont know if they made the update that came out in the Fall of 2011. I live in the NE Houston area and route guidance is way off due to the navigation not being aware that this section of highway has been complete. It calculates it as a side road (35 mph) instead of a highway (75 mph). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.