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Hydrogen cleaning RX400h


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Good evening everyone! I would like to ask your opinion about hydrogen motor cleaning, any good reviews? Having the P0138 mistake code, Lexus service told me that the catalyst is half-filled so it's a good solution to change it, but I would to try a different solution. I would be happy of any tips. Thank you and have a nice evening.聽馃檪

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Hydrogen motor cleaning, also known as hydrogen engine cleaning or carbon cleaning, is a process used to remove carbon deposits from an engine. This is done by injecting hydrogen gas into the engine鈥檚 air intake system while it鈥檚 running. The hydrogen combines with the carbon deposits and turns them into smaller molecules that can be expelled through the exhaust system. This process can help improve engine performance, fuel efficiency, and reduce emissions. However, it鈥檚 important to note that the effectiveness of this process can vary depending on the condition of the engine and the extent of the carbon buildup.

That code you mentioned is typically due to a failing catalytic converter. Cleaning carbon from the engine is not likely to save it.

How many miles are on your odometer?

The catalyst in half-filled? Can you provide details about this?

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Thank you for response, it's 159000 , the official lexus service told me that catalyst is 30%- 50 % full and in nearest future supposed to be changed.

聽Also in dashboard, sometimes ( p0138) engine code dissappears, but after a couple of days comes up.

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With that many miles, it doesn't surprise me that the CC is due for replacement.

Delayed repair of fuel injectors, spark plugs or oxygen sensors can accelerate a CC's death.

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