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NEED HELP  - Recently had 2005 RX 330 at Lexus of Tulsa (OK) - replaced water pump, radiator, and timing belt, and maintenance: oil change, new rear brakes, front brakes, 4 new tires.  Upon delivery back to me (car was driven by the dealership staff from Tulsa back to Arkansas), the following warning lights were on ABS, BRAKE, and VSC as soon as I turned the vehicle on (the driver claims no lights were on when he delivered it).  I immediately called them to inform them, and the vehicle was picked back up by the staff, taken back to the dealer, and then I was informed by the staff that diagnostic codes were showing C0278, C1223, and C1249 - they claim the brake actuator needs to replaced for $3300 - this does not make sense since they told me that they had road-tested the vehicle and it was supposedly fine before returning it to me.  I am getting no help from them other than telling me  they can put in a used acutuator for $1470.

One forum I checked suggested it may the wiring or sensor for the actuator (which is apparently near the water pump) that is acting up. Very frustrated after spending $$$ already.


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Hi Jason....welcome to the Club

I would check to see if the ABS unit looks as though it could have had connectors removed from it during the work being carried out, maybe something not plugged back in?

Also, a relay could have gone faulty...check also brake lights work as this can affect the ABS system as its looking for a brake signal (think there maybe two switches on the pedal that needs checking).

These are simple checks but sometimes its the obvious things that get overlooked.

Let us know how you get on with it

Cheers   Trevor

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I agree with Trevor. Make sure all connectors including ground connections are checked. Sometimes a not-fully-inserted connector will vibrate loose enough to throw warning lights/codes.

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Hi first time here. I have a rx330 Lexus 2005. We have replaced the spark plugs coil packs and thermostat, and thermostat housing ( my son broke piece tighten hose clamp to tight). Before the car only ran hot when stopped at a light. Now sometimes when u first turn it on it doesn't run hot. But you drive and it gets hot all the time. Almost in the red hot. Lower radiator hose and upper hose gets hot but radiator cap isn't even warmed up? I need help please

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Have you verified that the cooling fan is turning on after the coolant temperature needle gets past the center of the gauge?
Some other possible causes are:

Paper, plastic, or cardboard is blocking air through the radiator.
Thermostat is stuck in the closed position
Coolant was replaced but not all air was bled from the coolant system.
Head gasket is allowing hot combustion gasses to be injected into the coolant. 

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When the RX330 engine gets hot (>207F) the temperature switch (atop the engine near where the upper radiator hose attaches; a grey, two-wire connector affixes to the temperature switch) opens (i.e., goes open circuit) which in turn causes the ECU to activate both radiator fans (that is, if they aren't already running on account of the AC being engaged).

It's an easy matter to test the circuit that supports this function, as follows.   If the connector is removed from the temperature switch (this is an easy task and can be done with engine on or off) and the engine is running (doesn't matter if the engine's hot or cold) and the AC is off, the fans should run at their maximum speed.  If not, then some repairs are in order.  Note: Removing this connector to test in this way may set an error code and trigger a warning light on the gauge cluster, but after reconnection be patient; the warning will clear after a few stop/start cycles.

Your comment that "the car only ran hot when stopped at a light" makes me wonder if something might be amiss with the fans.  You're in Kansas.  I'm in IL.  I've never seen the temp gauge go any higher on our 2005 RX330 than "in the middle", normal operating temp.  If you're seeing high(er) engine temps, check the operation of the fans.  You may find you have some other problem causing your condition, but checking the fans is an easy and relevant first step.

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