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  1. No question... I use Waze a lot but, having a updated Navi, also upgrades the Gracenote so I can save newer albums to the HD in my 2007. It's so dumb that the system can read CD-TEXT discs and show data but, when you save it to the HD, it does not keep that data. Only reason I wanted to upgrade to a 2013 or above, as they finished moving a major bridge that I travel over every day. So when I am driving the factory nav shows I am flying over water.... It's kind of dumb and my OCD wants it addressed but, not for $170 (cheaper than the LS430 was)
  2. The PDF on the first page is bad....anyone able to open it ? (just wondering as the data above helps but, people will try the NON-WORKING PDF first)
  3. I looked into a possible "DIY" way to do this and with out knowing someone at a dealer, it will be impossible. If you search on ebay, you can find some USB drives that will update it, that is just a license file(a 4GB USB drive that only uses a few MB) BUT, you need the software that the dealer has to actually update it. If you go into the delaer and order it (As I understand the current dealer in the US costs is $169.99, a lot less than the older models, YMMV) you get a USB drive that the dealer puts in his computer that connects to the car to assign a license to your software to upgrade it. I picked a 2013 update on ebay ($20 or so) it was just the USB drive. it requires software that the dealer has, no 3rd party or underground way (trust me, I know the underground on this stuff and it's not available there). I've never called a dealer to see if they would INSTALL my 2013 upgrade... but, I don't foresee them doing it.
  4. This is a old post I know but, I am now looking into the same thing. I have a 2007 LS460L... the navi was never been updated so it's the first image. I have a laptop with Techstream and in a day or so, I will have a Lexus labeled USB drive with the navi update for 2013 that I found on ebay for fairly cheap. I am trying to see if it's possible to use MY LAPTOP, with the USB drive with the navi update WITH OUT visiting the dealer. I know according to a thread over at Clublexus, it needs some Lexus Installer program. Does this come on the USB drive, or is this on the master CD that goes to the dealer, if so, is it possible to get the app. Anyone attempt to do this before with ANY luck ? Thanks !
  5. Does anyone have the pictures on how to do this mod ? As I am here I want to try this on my 2001 LS430... My bank 1 sensor is showing the code, I put in a new one and it's still showing the same thing. I would like to attempt this temp work-around. Thanks if anyone can help !
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