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Temp / Time Climate Control Lcd Display

Jim Walker

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I am in the process of purchasing a large quantity of LCD Displays to replace all the bad ones out there on 90-94 LS400s. I know the Lexus dealers want $600 plus to replace the whole climate control unit whenever there is a failure of the LCD unit. I can get better discount with larger orders so I just want to get a feel for how much interest there would be.

The smallest quantity that I can purchase is 100. At that quantity, I can sell them for about $150 each. If I can order 250 at a time, I can afford to sell them for about $120 each.

If you might be interested in purchasing a replacement LCD display for your 90-94 LS400, please email me.

Again, let me emphasize that I'm not selling anything at this time. I am simply looking for possible interest in such a purchase.

Jim Walker


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Count me in, Jim!

I'd buy one! If you do decide to do this, would you be so kind as to also post or email instructions for how to remove the old ones so that we don't all have to buy repair manuals?

THank you so much for even considering this!




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Hi - I am so glad to find this site!! Just bought my '92 LS 400 about a month ago from a private party and I love it. But there are some things I want to find out about and hope people here can help.

I, too am having a problem with the weird temp display - it is only illuminated when the car gets hot inside and slowly goes black again as I drive and it cools off. But I feel totally handicapped without a clock in the car!! I would be willing to kick in and buy a replacement with everyone else so let me know.

Second problem I have is with a Sony 10-disc CD changer in the trunk that is supposed to operate with a remote control in the console between the front seats. Can't get it to work. Thinking it may be the fuse or the reset button that is supposed to be on the "hidden unit" - which is, guess what, HIDDEN!! Anyone else have this set up? I miss my CDs!

Last question: I'm thinking about having the trim along the lower edge of the car re-painted. It's black now (not shiny) and the car is a very dark green, almost black. I want to put a bronze or gold on the lower trim. Any suggestions?

Thanks for all your help and I look forward to coming back here again to investigate further. Great job, whoever started this site!!! :D

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i would be interested, but not sure if i would buy one anytime soon...also will these be totally different units from the original lexus ones? cause if they arent wont they just black out again after a couple years or so? is it easy enough to replace where you can do it yourself? damn display gets real annoying, cant tell the time or the tempature.

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My display is the same. As far as removing the display, it is easier than falling off a truck! I can have my sterio and heater control out in 5 min.

First grasp the wood trim ring that is around the shifter. Hold it at the end closest to the front seats and pull up and toward you. It has 2 legs on the front, so try not to lift too high as you remove it.

Next, grasp the ashtray from below it. Hold firmly and pull. It is tight, so don't be scaired to use some strength. Disconnect the wires from the back.

Now, point the vents that are above the heater control towards the floor. Grasp the bottom of the duct and pull firmly. Disconnect the wires from the back.

Now you should be able to see 2 Phillips screws on the top of the climate control, and 2 on the bottom of the deck. They are a little hard to see 'cause they are a little ways under the deck.

Be careful not to drop the screws!

Hope that helps,


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Hi I am interested in purchasing one.

I have a 91 LS400 and the LCD display failed totally after 3 years.

It would help if you can send me instruction that shows how to replace

the unit.

I want to confirm one thing. When you said LCD Display, did you mean

the whole unit? Or is it partially repairable? If you purchase qty of 100, then

does it cost only $150 for the whole unit?

Thank you,

lscinfamous - lscinfamous@aol.com

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Hi everyone, thank you all for all the replies, both on and off the list. I recognize many of you from my doing the repairs on your instrument cluster lighting problems. I want to thank all of you for trusting me to repair those units for you.

Now I want to update everyone on my progress of solving the problem of the climate control modules with their smudgy blacked out displays. The problem is the LCD display itself, the part that you see that is glass. The rest of the unit that houses the display is called the climate control or AC control unit. The climate control unit itself has a surprising amount of electronics inside and is quite suffisticated and complex. The unit as a whole seems to be well designed and reliable. It's just the LCD that goes bad.

Several weeks ago I did the engineering drawings and specifications to have some LCD modules manufactured. The first 5 units are due to arrive in mid July. These are the engineering samples. If they are good (which I expect) I will then give them the approval to manufacture 100 of them.

The 5 engineering samples are already promised to people that have helped me out, such as Mark (Desertred) who sent me his climate control months ago for me to figure out the problem. Thank you Mark!

The specifications that I wrote for these units are the broadest possible temperature range that is available in the industry at this time. The LCD displays are going to be as near to factory appearance and function as possible. However, I used the 90-92 LS400 as the model. The reason for this is that this model has the majority of the problems. The 93-94 LS400 display is slightly different. It has a divider in between TIME and TEMP sides if the display and it will display the word MAX TEMP if you run the temperature setting up as far as it will go.

Since I followed the 90-92 display as a model, if you were to install this on your 93-94 LS400 climate control unit, you would no longer see the words MAX TEMP when you run the control all the way up in temperature. You would also not see a divider between TEMP and TIME sides of the display. In addition, there are more connecting pins on the 93-94 model display. In order to accomodate this difference, I will offer an adaptor of sorts for use of my display on the 93-94 LS400s.

In addition to that difference, I found that vehicles with right-hand drive have the display showing the TIME on the left and the TEMP on the right side of the display. That's just opposite what we have in the US. Again, I will offer an adaptor for this as well. But those of you with right-hand drive vehicles will then see the TEMP on the left and the TIME on the right anyway. The adaptor only allow the display to be used on your climate control module but can't switch the words TIME and TEMP from right to left and visa-versa. This will have no effect on the display as far as Celcius and Fahrenheit. It will show the proper temperature whether you have C or F. However, it will only show metric time (just kidding!!)

How difficult is it going to be to change one yourself? On a scale of 1 to 10 I would say an 8. It is fairly difficult I'm sorry to say. However, I plan to write very detailed step by step directions for those of you that want to do it yourself. I will send those to you if you ask before you buy so that you can judge for yourself if you want to tackle it.

For those of you that don't want to try the self-install, I will offer for you to send your unit to me for repair. I will charge you for this, I haven't determined how much that will be yet.

I would like to purchase some complete climate control units that have the bad LCD module in them. I would like to have several of these to use for exchanges. If you have one or know of someone that has one that is good except for the blackened out LCD, please contact me ASAP.

Thank you!!

Jim Walker


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