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  1. I'm sure a lot of you guys ran into the same problem with the 1st gen ls400 broken window switches. my master window switch (driver side control) has 2 broken off buttons: door lock and passenger window. my question is are the older ES250's (1st gen es's) switches the same as the LS400's? they look the same and i seen alot of them on ebay. they are much cheaper to replace too. anyone?
  2. well i dont know if i could be considered a veteran, but driving this car for 3years got me quite familar with it. my car has a good 133k (1991) on it and still runs pretty smooth. the gas milage is kinda iffy i say i get around 220-240 miles when i hit the 1/4 tank line. i've observed some small things and i was wondering if you guys have noticed it on your early 1st gen ls400's -for some reason when i'm using the cdplayer and i turn off the car, and when returning say hours later its back on the radio, when it should be playing the cd. -odd rattles and shakes on two of my doors, passanger and rear right passanger. it sounds like the whole door is lose or something, like the window is lose. -on and off sluggish performance. sometimes i feel the car is all mighty and powerful with good response. then later it just feels slow and sluggish its different each time what do you guys think?
  3. went to my local mechanic and he couldnt find any visible leaks and apprently it was leaking into the engine area or something? he said i had to replace the pvc valve i think. my alternator seems fine to me and i havent had any trouble with it.
  4. I have a 1991 LS400. one day i was moving my car and then it wouldnt start. the battery working because the radio and every other electrical thing worked. at first i thought it was the starter, but a mechanic checked it out for me and told me the netural safety switch was faulty and i could only start my car in N not P. luckily it hasent happened too often where i have to start the car in N. at lexus a replacement netural safety switch goes for about $280, but i was wondering if anyone else had this problem.
  5. i replaced mine with a rockford 8inch sub. Works very well, but the stock sub woofer unit has a built in mount that i need to hold the speaker in place or else it will rattle. I have to drill holes soon to fix it. Another thing is that the center speaker is not well powered. It isnt pushing enough wattage so you can hear and feel enough omph. My friend sugguest that i'd get an amp for it.
  6. actually i think my 1991 ls400 factory sound system sound great compared to other stock systems i have heard. my sub is also blown out too and i heard it can be replaced by a 8inch even though i am very sure that the factory sub is only a 6inch. did anyone have any problems fitting the cover back on with a new 8inch sub? (based on even though it was a 6icnh sub!)
  7. mine has been blown out for awhile now :chairshot: if i'm correct its a 6inch subwoofer by polk audio right? does anyone know, or does anyone know where i can get a good replacement?
  8. hasent happened to me, but my lumbar support is dead. anyone know how to fix that?
  9. the 5w-30 is the prefered weight, but since most of out ls400s are old now its better to have a heavyer weight oil such as 10w-30. 10w-30 is variable oil that will protect your engine in year round conditions. the mechnic i was talking to said to put 10-30 in mine since its an older engine (i have about 127,000mi on my 1991 ls400)
  10. try snythetic oils, they dont burn as fast. seems like alot of people here use mobil1
  11. on my 1991 ls400 i get about 250miles on a full tank. about the same with everyone else 15mpg in the city, but for me i cant really tell a difference on the highway, i think i kill more fuel on the highway.
  12. same here my 1991 ls400 seats arent very comfy. also my lumbar support stopped working anyone know how to fix that? i also find myself sliding alot if i use some kinda leather cleaner/protectant. i'm 6ft and my legs end up pretty close to the steering wheel at a comfortable position.
  13. take me a hour or more to change my bulbs, i guess i'm doing it the stupid way taking out the airfilter and battery to access the bulbs if you dont want the "gangsterish" blue color you can always try sylvania silverstars. very bright and pretty much beam outs white. i hear razo and piaa platinum series have the true white colors, isntead of that typical blue tint.
  14. samething for me, mine actually hasent broke off yet but its very rough when opening sometimes even getting stuck. you could probably get one down at or try a salvage yard.
  15. well in the new lexus magazine this guy had a 1990 LS400 with 555,000 miles on it!!!! YES THATS RIGHT 555,000 MILES!! i read the article and this guy owns some kinda apple farm so he has to do long trips back and fourth. based on the pictures, which lexus couldve edited, the start was still looking great.