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  1. I will take a better pic after the weekend. Bill
  2. Just thought I would mention that I just replaced my factory 8" (Pioneer) with a 15" Tempest. As far as changing the look of the factory deck, I like what I did. All the work was done by me and my Wife. How do I attach a Pic? Bill
  3. No spacers, but the studs do not go all the way through the lug nut. I sorta thought this was wrong, but that is how I got it. My wife and I saw a set of chrome factory rims on a '98 GS (I think) that I wouldn't mind putting on, if I found a set. Maybe my rims are too thick, and I need longer studs. Any Idea where I could get them? I just keep buying stock Lexus studs. Thanks, Bill
  4. Yea, I live in Northern Ontario, Canada. I don't know if it actually was corrosion, but I will pop the top on the old part to check. Bill
  5. No they are BBS rims. They have BBS lug nuts, but this is only happening on one side. I am confused!
  6. I have broken a total of 8 wheel studs, all on the passenger side. Both front and back. The wheels were torqued properly. I am at a loss here, and frankly, I am worried about my Wife an Son driving around in this thing (LS400) if the wheels are gonna fall off. Thanks, Bill
  7. Is this an interfearance engine, or is it like the later engines? Thanks, Bill
  8. I bought a used fuse pannel from a yard, and after replacing individual items one by one, it turned out to be the Relay control center located directly behind the fuses. It is light blue in colour, and after replacing it, ALL of my elec. problems were solved. Thanks, Bill :magic:
  9. Do all models use ATF? I sure hope not, but that may explain why I have a leaking hose. The previous owner used P/S fluid and it has a leak on one of the hoses, so I have been toping it up with P/S fluid as needed. Can I mix fluid? Should I get this flushed? Thanks, Bill
  10. I found out from Lexus that my fuse panel is probably corroded. This is why my mirrors, heater, stereo, and both cigarette lighters don't work. Anyone know where I can get a fuse panel for a '92 LS400? Thanks, Bill
  11. I need a fuse panel assy. for a '92 LS400. This is the one found under the dash. Thanks, Bill
  12. Thanks, I have started ripping things apart in order to trace the wiring, but a diagram would help so much more! Bill
  13. Yea, but I need a diagram to trace back to where the sterio and mirrors and heater might all join. No way can I trace all of them without help! :o