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Water Pump Housing Broke Destroying Timing Belt And Valves

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I own a 2001 Lexus GS430 with 87,000 miles (3rd owner). I heard some low knocking coming from the water pump area driving to work and only got about four blocks from home when the car died. Took the car in and as I suspected the timing belt broke. Mechanic said it was caused by a weld someone had welded onto the water pump housing. So now I have to get my top rebuilt due to the engine being non-tolerant/interference. I was wondering has anyone experienced anything remotely like this.

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I don't like the reason why, I suspect an idler failed or the waterpump failed. Both very highly unlikely. I would replace the idlers, timing belt, and waterpump. As for the condition on the valves was there any piston damage.?

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Ok after nearly two long weeks, 16 exhaust valves replaced,two intake valves, new water pump, heads resurfaced, all new seals and gaskets, new hoses, coolant, oil and filter, sparks plugs, new timing belt, pulleys and tensioners and not to mention $3300.00!!!!! My car runs like a champ!!!! Back on the road!!! BIG UPS TO ELITE AUTO CARE IN PALMDALE CA.

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