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Found 14 results

  1. arsengames36

    1995 Lexus LS 400 For Sale

    Hi I am selling my 1995 LS 400. It has approximately 200K miles on it. This car might need a new steering pump, a new battery and side blinkers. Car has a small dent on the right front fender. The car has very clean interior, leather has no tears, chrome wheels, new rear tires. Has two rear MagnaFlow mufflers (paid $400) + chrome tips on them. Registration is paid for until Nov 18. Asking $850 OBO, car needs to go ASAP. Pick up Sherman Oaks, CA Thanks for viewing
  2. Scitzz

    Scrapping an LS400

    Your not allowed to post a for sale ad since you don't have enough posts.
  3. Hello everyone. one of my fellow SC430 owners has TWO SC430's that he is parting out. He asked me to be his contact and to field questions via this forum since I am quite active and have experience with these cars. Both cars are listed below in "light" details at this moment. I will update with more info as he provides them. If you need parts, please let me know which ones and I will respond with photos and/or prices. Both cars are located in the Chicago, IL metro. I can also be contacted via text or cell at 816.304.7399. If I'm unable to answer, please text with your request. Thanks 2002 SC430 Black Exterior, Black Interior with Dark Walnut Woodgrain 2003 SC430 Black Exterior, Tan Interior with Dark Walnut Woodgrain
  4. I hit a deer in my beige 2006 RX330. Surprisingly, the only damage I had was a broken off right front bumper hole cover, and a bent license plate frame. Finding that bumper part in my car's color is incredibly difficult. The local dealer wants $18 for the part, and another $70 to paint it. We're talking a 2"x2" snap-in plastic piece. For that price, it should be hanging on a wall in a museum! Can anyone recommend a good salvage parts website to check where I might be able to buy a used one in my color? There have to be dozens of my exact car being parted out yet after hours of searching on the Internet, I haven't turned up any with this part available in beige. Thanks!
  5. I'm doing some research on a good Bluetooth adapter so I can make calls/listen to music wirelessly in the car. Here's the top two that I've seen so far. Does anybody have any experience with either of these two products? Which one would you recommend? Kinivo BTC450 (4.5 star rating on Amazon): TaoTronics (4.3 star rating on Amazon)
  6. I am looking for the center cap (star shape) for my 2008 Lexus SC430 (but 2005-2008 had this option) - I need the black chrome option that came factory on this car. Unfortunately, Lexus direct keeps shipping me the regular chrome piece (4 times in fact). My cap says part # 42603-24330 or 42603-24340. Help!!! Any suggestions as to where I can hunt one down would be greatly appreciated. I also have photos below, showing the wheel cap I need from two different angles. Thanks for any leads!!!!!
  7. Is it work for 94 LS400? And also can you recommend jack for LS400? I bought 2 1/4 ton jack from O'reily, but it couldn't lift up my LS400. I want to change coolant and transmisson oil&filter, so I need good jack.. please recommend jack for these works. thanks to read my question.
  8. 2000 Lexus Gs300 platinum edition SILVER WITH GRAY interior, Whats up guys, just wanted to give everyone the opportunity to possibly grab some parts you may need before i sling this thing to the retirement yard. It has 97,000 miles on her I believe, it could have even been 93,000 and im just mistaken. Anyhow, car was totaled in the rear end, driver spun out in the rain hitting the rear to the center divider. Its Silver with the Gray interior. Lots have been removed and sold from the body, but feel free to ask for whatever you may need, hopefully ill be able to help you out. Lots of the enterior is available if not most! If you would like pictures of anything, feel free to ask and I will take as many as youd like k. car is straight from the rear doors forward but I think the rear passenger door may have verrrrrry small damage at the corner, anyhow everything is for very cheap, def. worth your while. Interior is in great condition. Local pick ups welcome, and I will ship anything youd like as well. Feel free to send me a msg any time, or text me which would be the quickest form of communication k. (818)402-two three, zero three. thanks guys.
  9. steveisback21

    Front And Rear Bumpers

    I need a Front and Rear Bumper cover for a 02' Is 300. Mine is gold in color. Anybody have any parts for sale, or know where to find good prices on these type of body parts? And the core support is a little bit bent in, and the hood is pushed up but I think that with a little bit of time and effort I can get this to line back up. Any ideas, thoughts, comments are much apprieciated.
  10. I need a gold-colored hood for a 2000 gs300. I'd rather just bolt-on a used one for now even if it isn't a perfect match. Not interested in a major repainting right now and don't want to do just the front. Can anyone help? Gold hoods seem to be hard to find. Many thanks.
  11. Parting out a 1993 lexus Ls400 in Kentucky. Has new computer plus new strutmaster shocks without the air adjustment bought 2 months ago. Have parts like: -brake lights -radio -engine -carpets -windows -window motors -wheels -drive train parts -seat motors -seats -switches -emblems -pass. mirror ect. Call or text 859-three one nine-4549 or email to ask about part/price. Thanks David H.
  12. If your status is New Club Member then you are not allowed to post items for sale in this forum. You must make a contribution to the forums before you can post here. When you have made enough posts, your status will change, and you will be allowed to post. This has become necessary due to the number of people registering purely to sell, and not contributing to our community
  13. Often gleaned info from this site and thought I'd give members with 1998-2000 a chance to jump on this. My baby got taken out in the rain buts it's good rear wheels forward - back crushed. Junk yard will give me $1500 but I'd rather sell it to someone that's into these as I was. Yes, it could be fixed but that's not me. Angora beige metalic, all options including chrome wheels, 138k miles, engine & trans excellent, new parts include lower control arms, shocks & struts, radiatior, alternator, front tires within the last year. Hope the moderator will leave this up. If I had a high mileage 1998-2000 I'd jump on this. It's in Banning,CA. Bob Goodrich 951-922-1027
  14. Howdy folks, I'm Vinny from Southern Illinois. I am the proud new owner of a 2002 Lexus LX 470 and so far I am honestly loving it. I just upgraded from a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport and wow wow wow what a difference. I never truly knew what luxury meant until I test drove the LX 470, and after that I just had to have it. I began my search for a comfortable, dependable SUV with descent off roading capability a few months ago and many forums lead me to the Land Cruiser. They are overbuilt in comparision to pretty much everything else out there. Wanting to add a touch of additional comfort and luxury to a LC of course lead me to the Lexus'. I was willing to fly to pretty much anywhere nationwide and drive back the right one if I could find it. I scoured ebay and craigslist and a few other websities, considering hundreds of different Lexus' until by coicidence (or fate?) I found the exact one I was looking for in the own town I live in! It's the best riding, most comfortable vehicle I've ever owned and I am truly proud to own it. I got a 100k mile extended warantee with it so that gives me great piece of mind. Anyway, there are a few minor repairs I need to do to it, such as replacing a slightly bent antenna, replacing a cracked rear spoiler, and fixing or replacing the CD changer. Well worth it in my opinion, considering I negotiated it down to about 25% below KBB.