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Need help identifying shaking at 60-75mph


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I have a 2012 ES350, and I was hoping someone could help me identify a violent shaking in the wheel and car at 60-75mph. I took it in to two different shops, both said different things. It has 190,000 miles, and the only thing that has been replaced was the passenger side outer axle because of a torn boot. The first shop said it was the struts, and the other said it was the engine mounts. They both said the alignment was excellent. The first shop balanced my tires for me, and this made the problem dramatically worse for some reason. It does shake more when I accelerate at these speeds, but even coasting it still shakes. Strangley, the shaking goes away when I go around corners. It is not only in the wheel, but I can also feel it in the seat. I inspected the suspension components, and it all seemed solid, with no torn bushings or play, but I don't really know what to look for. The struts are not bouncy, and still gives a very comfortable ride. I opened the hood and filmed the engine as I shifted from reverse to drive several times, and it does move around 3 inches each way at the beauty cover, but I don't know how much movement is normal. I don't feel or hear any clunk when I accelerate from a dead stop, or put it in gear, it just feels as it always had. The axle that was used to replace the original was not OEM, and it does have a little play length-wise, but none when I twist it. This problem started happening a few weeks ago, and I want to know for sure what it is before I spend over a thousand dollars in repairs. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Has anyone checked each wheel nut's torque? You should not drive your vehicle with this issue. I once had a wheel come off on the highway (back in the 1980s) because one lug nut was not adequately torqued.  The one that loosened first had a slightly different sized nut hex.

Did the shop that replaced the axle take a look? Was the shaking sensation present before the axle was replaced? A bad wheel bearing can create a howling or rumbling noise but that is typically while the vehicle is cornering.

For situations like this I have used a highly trusted alignment shop that also specializes in suspension-related issues.  They ALWAYS quickly identify the culprit. It'd be great if such a shop were in your area.

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I suggest move the front tires back and back tires front and see if you notice any improvement. Normally it happens with bad balanced tires or worst case a bent wheel can also cause this issue. 
many specific tire leaking air faster then others by any chance ?

also I would suggest swapping each wheel with spare one by one and observe then. 
when you replaced the axle was it genuine or aftermarket? That could also be the issue. If it was aftermarket. 

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I guess that after 190,000 miles something had to be worn out. I'm surprised they lasted that long. Ours have 134,000 miles on them and appear to be just fine.

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