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Low Tire Pressure Reset 2005 Gx470


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Can you reset the warning light yourself? After replacing my winter tires this warning light stays on, all tire pressures are good including spare. Surely I don't have to go to the Dealership.

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The "Tire Pressure Monitoring System" is designed to be reset by the owner. In your Owners Manual there should be a section outlining the steps to follow to clear the TPMS light. There are pictures to help you identify the correct buttons to use.

Additionaly, I did a quick seach of our data base. I came up with about 50 threads about resetting the TPMS for single models as well as cross-compatible models/years.

I hope this will be of help. If you are still having trouble, come back and let othermembers know.


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JMARK, if you tire pressure monitor system warning light blinks, it means a malfunction in the system (most likely, one or more of the sensors died or needs to be reprogrammed to the system). If the warning light is permanently on, it means the system is OK but there's low tire pressure in one or more of the tires (including the spare tire!)

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