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  1. If this is a LS 400 there is a temp switch for the fans at the bottom of the radiator ( simplest fix) or this could become extremely complex, relays are in stages for the current load. Is the A/C compressor actually coming on ? If you go the cheap route find a set of LS fans from a salvage yard.reading the proper manual / year is very important, knowing how they are designed to work is very important to the diagnosis process.
  2. Try restarting the phone, if that doesn't help , delete the phone and re-pair it. See if this helps,the technologies are all very cool but ever changing ,the manufactures can't keep up. Your delivering dealer has a trained technical specialist on staff ( required) and they can assist you with any fault, they have the info, and the means to access data on all accessory operation issues.
  3. You have to read the criteria for code P0125. Yes is has to do with temperature and warm up time. Coolant and air fuel ratio sensor warm up time. As stated time for ECM to enter CLOSED loop status. Are you going into closed loop on both banks ? This is where a code is only half the story , you need to look at your data list .
  4. Apples to apples . The Lexus battery is a prorated battery (84 month). And is made by interstate. Fair price , ask if they can help out. Did you take the car back to the alignment shop after you found out the alignment didn't fix the problem? It is common , there is no camber adjustment , spec tire on a IS only last 20 to 25 K anyway. Good catch on the water pump. Battery's have become ultra important key on voltage can't go below 9.5 volts while cranking or the ECM won't turn on. As technicians we always advise of needed repairs we don't set pricing the market and the area does . Customers always have a simple choice a yes or a no .
  5. Perfect! Yes the synthetic is necessary it is the only way you will get 0w20 oil that is specified. This oil among other things is responsible for the fuel mileage. The newer engines are engineered around the oils for mileage ( government) and wear performance. These questions were for peliminary diagnosis only, I have to ask. Do you know if the valve spring recall applied to your vehicle ? (ALE). Was it performed? I have found no service bulletins related to your complaint . You may just try the old school method of fill tank and calculate , the engine management system does in fact learn the way you drive , give it a tank full and see what happens. The origional owner completed maybe 3600 miles a year, give it a chance it will come back. Please keep me informed kenyukai27@gmail.com
  6. When and where last service visit ? Was the correct oil used during the last service? Due to the low mileage the, short drives, it is possible there is fuel residue in the oil . Get the oil and filter changed take the car for a nice long drive get that oil up to operating temp. Use fuel from a well traveled station . Rolling technology . Enjoy.
  7. The GS430 is a great car, a commodity in the used market. 1) Perform timing belt replacement, replace water pump and drive belt . Flush cooling system. 2) Perform timing belt replacement , replace water pump, thermostat , timing belt idler pulleys and tensioner. Replace drive belt . Flush cooling system . A) Use all Lexus parts . B) Use a timing belt kit ( aftermarket ) by Gates ... etc . That includes all parts, water pump and thermostat additional. My reasoning, if you are keeping the car, do it right , perform (2) above. If cost is a issue, get a complete aftermarket kit , all the hard parts ( tens, idlers ) are high quality . Job( 2) parts (B) . If you need to save up a few months to do it right , do it , you have time. I feel obligated always to give the best advise , this is the repair methods we used 15 years ago before the price hunt became mainstream, water pumps leak, idlers fail ( dr.side) thermostats are very important for proper warm up time and time to closed loop fuel control. I hope this helps with your educated decision.
  8. I really don't have a place to start on this , as a guess, a brake pad wear sensor , the drive belt tensioner ( bouncing) or its idler pulley bearing . Start it cold and open the hood , idle it up to the rpm that is displayed at 30mph is the noise present under hood? I work on a lot of really clean IS300 cars , try to play with it for more information. Does it sound internal or external ?
  9. Air mix damper position sensor . One on driver side , one on passenger side , check or compare operation while adjusting outlet temp. Also each vent has sensors , look for disconnected sensors .
  10. Air mix damper position sensor . One on driver side , one on passenger side , check or compare operation while adjusting outlet temp. Also each vent has sensors , look for disconnected sensors .
  11. First check coolant level, look at over flow container is it empty?? Inspect for a water pump or radiator coolant leak . The water pump: A good light and a small mirror for inspection, the coolant is pink and has the ability to coagulate. All this has a reason, low coolant you get a air pocket introduced into the system, the air pocket prohibits coolant flow in the heater core.
  12. Is the car stock or modified? Exposed , open element air filter ?
  13. Generally about 32 oz or one quart to flush the brake system. Try to use a pressure style flushing system, the vacuum style flushing tools just don't work well with the new cars. On a 06 GS watch the rear calipers, the slides freeze up,pads stick , etc.
  14. Have your dealer check for available reprogramming , there is a TSB that applies to this condition, exactly as you have complained .
  15. The map is purchased from your dealer . A) The vehicles battery must be in good condition. B) A special charger is used for stable voltage during reprogramming, reprogramming is not allowed until condotions A and B are met. C) There is new firmware available,we inspect your vehicle to see what is present . It must also be upgraded or programming will be allowed to start. The firmware is NOT part if map data, the two are seperate. D) Using a special harddrive and techstream we first update the firmware ( this is new generally once a year ) this operation takes several minutes. We then using the purchased map data key, load the map data into the hard drive using techstream. The hard drive is then connected to your vehicle, the new map data is then down loaded, this takes around twenty five minutes. The entire operation takes around 1 to 2 hours depending if we are instructed to charge your battery. Most dealers charge (1.0) hours of labor.