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  1. I have a switch (looks after market) just under my hood release lever (see picture). I can't figure out what it is for. Does anyone have any ideas? It has 2 wires leading off to who knows where.
  2. Can you reset the warning light yourself? After replacing my winter tires this warning light stays on, all tire pressures are good including spare. Surely I don't have to go to the Dealership.
  3. Yes, I had the exact same problem with my 2005 GX470 several cracks in the dash. I noticed it a couple of days after I bought it from Lexus dealership in West Palm Beach (certified pre-owned!). When I contacted them about it they basically just ignored me, I was driving back home to Canada so they probably knew I wouldn't be back. I had mine repaired locally for a couple of hundred dollars (these trim repair guys can do a really good job). Could not be detected when they finished. However 2 years later I am starting to notice hairline cracks reappearing. Pretty sad in a luxury vehicle.