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  1. I have a 2017 Lexus RX350. I bought a second set of rims and tires (from Discount Tires) for Winter driving. The first time I switched from the factory wheels to the Winter wheels the TPMS did not show a reading for the tires. I tried to follow the user manual to reset the TPMS by navigating to the Settings item and following the instructions. I held down the center button until the TPMS icon blinked 3 times. The monitor indicated that calibration was in progress. Finally I took it to my Lexus dealer an hour's drive away for other servicing. I asked them to reset the TPMS which they did. They were going to charge me $70 or $80 to do this. But as a gesture they did it for free. Now I've just switched my wheels back to the stock summer wheels. Same problem again. Can't get TPMS to show any values for the tires. Going through the calibration system in the owner's manual results in nothing. Any ideas? Am I going to have to have the Lexus dealer fix this each time I switch wheels at an exorbitant charge? John