2008 Rx400H New Tires Caused Tire Pressure Light To Come On

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I bought a 2008 RX 400h from an individual. It was in excellent condition upon purchase. Within 30 minutes of owning the car I took it right to Firestone for 2 new rear tires.

As soon as I got in the car the Warning light and Tire Pressure Light were lighting up my dash.

Firestone took it back, tried to reset it but no luck. When I took it back and left it, they determined it must have been the tire pressure sensor that all of a sudden went bad at the very moment my tires were changed.

A new tire spensor was put in.

Guess what? Those pesky lights are still on. Firestone is suggesting it's something electrical and to see the dealership.

I read some on-line help that suggested confirming aluminum valve stem caps. They all match.

Then I am reading about the spare tire pressure can that be? The spare tire wasn't touched. This seems to be a common suggestion but I just understand how a spare tire not on the car could make this light pop on.

Has anyone had this happen? And please tell me there is a simple fix. :)

Much thanks!

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Access all five tires. Deflate until pressure is 25 psi, use a high quality digital gauge and take your time.

Move the drivers seat back all the way, look under the dash,there is a button for TPS initialization, turn the ignition on , find the button, put your finger on it , sit up so you can view the dash, the tire lamp will come on and flash, hold until flashing stops that will set the base pressure.

Reinflate all tires to proper pressures ( 33psi)

This will give you 10 lbs before the lamp will come on .

The tire store broke a sensor, it's easy to do, we're all in a big hurry these days.

There may be a code stored in TPS system, a dealer would need to clear it .

Don't worry I do this for free at a dealer daily as part if the " lexus way" !.

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