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Help Please! How To Install 3Rd Brake Light


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Ok I've realised that the previous owner of my 1992 Windom / ES300 removed the spoiler which contained the 3rd brake light (centre high mounted stop light). It is a legal requirement in NZ to have one on vehicles first registered after 1990, so I've got to have one.

I have a light to install, it has a lead containing 2 wires in it, I'm guessing + and - or perhaps + & ground... Electrics / wiring is not a strong point for me...

I can't afford an auto electrician to install it, and I can't seem to find any decent install instructions on the internet... So could someone give me some simple instructions to do it - the easy, real low tech way.

I don't have a soldering iron / kit. I don't have a wire crimping kit, and would if possible prefer not to have to get one, if it's an absolute must I guess I will.

I do have electrical tape!

If possible I've got a vision of running the wire from the 3rd brake light, thru the rear parcel tray into the boot/trunk and to either the left or right brake light. I'm just not entirely if I should be cutting wires, and taping together with the new brake light wire added, or just trying to strip the insulation off and wrap the wire around the existing brake light wires...

It's already sounding like a disaster, could someone please help me with some guidance with the wiring for a real BASIC, simple install - preferably without soldering.

Can I just use electrical tape to hold wires together??

I've been needing to get this done for the last 2 weeks, the internet has let me down so far, please HELP ME!

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Hey Mate,

Ive been there done that, but not on A Lexus, I would find how that spoiler mounted brake light was wired, and wire it right back,I would reckon those wires ran thru the trunk deck and back around to the brake lights,OR, that wire ran to a junction of brake wires.But without a book, and in pursuit of excellence Lexus maybe you could find out from the dealer. Remember the Nissan Cedric? I redid those brake wires to a center rear brake light. Good luck, I was thinking of adding a spoiler to my 05 ES 330,hope it doesn't have center rear brake light.



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Yeah I had a look for the remains of the old spoiler brake light wiring but it seems that the wires have gone with the spoiler & light.

So basically I have to start fresh like installing it into a car that never had one.... At least I know the brake light circuit should be able to cope with the extra light without blowing a fuse etc....

I'm just not sure if doing it by trial & error is likely to blow fuses, circuits, or fry the whole cars electrical system! I presume I can get away with doing it budget style just twisting wires together and taping them secure....

I've asked for help on quite a few different Toyota / Lexus forums and don't seem to be having much luck.....

99.9% of the videos out there on 3rd brake lights installation seem to be about replacement & repair of existing lights, or converting them to LCDs... Basically none on just installing one in a vehicle without one..


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There are crimp on fasteners for doing auto wiring without having to solder them. One of the types you would need is blue in colour, and is for attaching a wire end to an existing wire in a harness. Its about 1.5 cm long, has a slot down its one side that you slide over a wire in the existing harness, a hole in one end that the end of the new wire from your 3rd brake light would go into, and a metal blade sticking out of the middle of the fastener, that you squeeze with pliers to attach the two wires together. Then there is a blue side plastic blade that you snap over the metal blade and side slot securing everything.

You'd need just 2 of them, one for each wire .

You'll also need to locate where that 3rd brake light wiring harness connector was and wire into it. If you wire into either one of your existing brake lights, your 3rd brake light will flash with the turn signal on the side of the car you wire in to, unless of course your car has a separate light for the turn signals. You need to find just the brake light feed.

Logic would suggest that the original 3rd brake light harness would run inside the trunk lid to one of the two trunk hinges, following it to the rear parcel shelf and a connector there, or continue down the inside of the trunk (behind the side panel) to an existing wire harness. Search those areas for wiring harnesses, and using a pointed test light, push the barb through the insulation of the wires you find, until you locate the 3rd brake light feed. (Place a stick between the driver's seat and the brake pedal to activate the brake lights, and then start testing the harness wires for a live feed, that doesn't flash when your.)

Good Luck!

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