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Best Synthetic Oil

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What do you all suggest as the best pure synthetic oil for a 2003 ES 300 with 209,000 miles? Runs perfectly with a very small (weekly drip) using Mobil 1 (5W-20). Also, what filter is recommended. Located in NC Piedmont region. Car is only driven <5000 miles a year.

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My daily driver is an 04 ES330.  They only thing this car has tasted is Mobil 1 5W-30 along with an OEM filter.  Car runs like a top and it has 317,000 miles.  Dieing to buy another but too cheap to put this reliable car to bed.

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Ahh the great motor oil debate. Nothing starts a good fight between motor heads than talking about motor oil. In my humble opinion,  there is no best because the type of motor oil you should use for your vehicle but the one that is spelled on in the owners manual. The only major contributing factor being the type of driving you do which changes the interval that you change your oil. There is nothing wrong with either the dino or synthetic types as long as you change it at the suggested interval. And even the cheapest Walmart brand of synthetic oil will exceed the manufacters recommendation of oil type.

Of course, if you overheat your motor, immediate change is recommended regardless  of the type of oil you use.

Now oil filters can be a factor because not all oil filters are made the same.  YouTube has some really good videos by people who cut open new and used filters to show the quality of material in each filter. You should check some out and make your own determination.

But here's a bit of advice. If you haven't used synthetic oil for basically the life of your vehicle and just used dyno oil, the synthetic WILL clean out all the crud and sludge and its just about a guarantee that you will soon start to develop oil leaks. Just saying. Have a great day everyone. 


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I guess I should add what I consider the greatest advantage of synthetic oil is that it does allow you to stretch your oil change interval. I have always used 5000 miles as the minimum oil change interval versus 3000 miles for dino. Blends are that kind of in between. But if the miles get away from you and you aren't a stickler about your oil change intervals, then synthetic gives you a little breathing room until you have time to get it changed.  Just my humble opinion of course.  LOL.


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