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  1. So Mr Palmer. Did you ever get any assistance on this subject? Do you still need assistance? Paul
  2. Hi Julie. I am so glad you found exactly what you wanted. 2008. Pretty rare bird there. Can you give us more details like color, interior mileage, Pebble Beach Edition maybe? Although I'm not 100% sure of years that the Pebble Beach covered. I wish I could give you more information. I actually know exactly where you should be. But I cant. LOL. Very cryptic I know. Keep in touch and I can help you more. Hope to hear more about your dream car. Im in mine right now, with the top down, enjoying a 75 Degree day in Southern California. Hope your day is going as well. Paul
  3. That's about what I get too in SoCal. I between 20 and 21 MPG depending on what I am doing. And that is mostly freeway miles. I don't know who these people are getting 26 +, but I would like to talk to them. Paul
  4. Run a couple of cans of Catalytic Converter Cleaner. Just a thought. Paul
  5. Not really much more to say. I have found that the i905 seems to have the entire SC430 fault code library as part of its programming. But it does not work on my 97 LS400 which is what I bought it for originally. After checking the website, it confirmed that that year make and model was not supported. My bad. But I ended up and lucked out when I bought my SC430 after the fact and was surprised at how well it actually did work with that model. The only update I can add is that not all codes are retained in memory and must be read while in operation like some of the retractable hard top codes. Th
  6. LOL. Oh you poor thing. Get a nice low mileage SC430 for a price you couldn't pass up. I love my Pie Plates. They take about 15 seconds to wipe down. Paul
  7. Megan. That was the other company I came across that I couldn't remember. Thanks Scott. Paul
  8. I have to post a correction now. Thanks to Scott aka ppine. I said there was no aftermarket support for the rear shocks and apparently I am wrong. He found some replacement coilovers from a company called K Sport USA Aftermarket Performance. Always glad to be wrong about expensive parts. Even though we have coilovers already installed (the term "coilovers" is used as kind of a marketing ploy to make it sound like its super exotic and better), K Sport has a pretty wide selection of coilover options if you are looking to do a little more tricking out including big brake kits and even air suspens
  9. Cool. Let me know what parts you end up using. If you dont need the parts today, I would suggest ordering online and saving a significant amount of money. Paul
  10. Well, to be technically correct. You already have coil overs. And there is no aftermarket for the rear anyway. But if you do find something, lets us know. There is aftermarket for the fronts. Upgrading the suspension on our SC's is a mix of different parts from different models of Lexus cars like beefier front and rear sway bars, end links and tires. If done wrong or half hazard you can make things worse. If done right I understand that ripping through the twisties is a blast. Maybe not so much for the passenger though who doesn't have a steering wheel to hold onto. LOL. Good luck in whatev
  11. Good morning Julie. That post you are replying to is three years old. The person has not been on the board in a long time. Just so you know. Keep looking. You'll find that dream car yet. Paul
  12. WOW. I have been away for awhile. Hey ppine. The SC430 is a heavy car at almost two tons. And as I was just informing another possible future owner, the suspension wears out on any car and at around 100K miles, you should be thinking about rebuilding it regardless of the make and model of the car. No one ever does that of course due to the expense but you should. The SC has always had a reputation for being a rough ride especially if you are still riding on the run flat tires. Their sidewalls are much stiffer and transmit road conditions right on up through the chassis. You can improve that b
  13. OK. Time for Part II. Any vehicle with 100,000 miles has things that wear out. And the SC430 is no difference. You want to make sure that the Timing Belt AND water pump have been changed recently. You also want a complete and thorough inspection of the suspension components. The SC430 had approximately 14 thousand units sold in 2002. By 2010, they sold approximately 300 from my understanding. Even though the SC430 was the Lexus Flagship of Sports Coupes, the low numbers prevented the aftermarket from bothering to make products for our SC's. The only place you can get a rear shock is Lexus. How
  14. I personally think the price is a little high. I paid 8K for my 2002 SC430 back in April I think with 100641 miles. The biggest difference in the line is in 2005 I think, they added a six speed tranny versus a five speed. Could have been 2006 so don't hold me to that specific. The headlights and taillights were upgraded and that's about it except for conveniences like bluetooth and phone. Navigation got upgraded as well but few of us actually use it. The last maps were updated in 2013 if I remember correctly. Your phone is better with current maps and turn by turn navigation feature
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