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Pillar Gauge Pods

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...looking for pillar gauge pods.

Heck yes I am looking, I'm so freaking happy that someone is doing this right now! :cheers:

Want a two pot. Please get them in tan!!! RE: the black color, most SC3/4's have a tan color interior, can we match that? (A black interior is almost unheard of in the SC's, very rare!)

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I may be interested, but... How do you install these things:) I've never removed a pillar before. They replace the stock pillar I assume? And I have a black interior ;)

Some replace the entire pillar, and some just slip over your factory pillar and stay in place by clips and screws. If these are quality pods, I suggest only buying a full replacement pillar. Usually how it goes, is the 3 pods are full replacements, and the 2 pods are a slip over. I have seen 3 pods that aren't full replacements, and 2 pods that are, so it all depends on the company.

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I am very intersted in buying a couple of these gauge pods. I am doing a t04 on a 92 sc300, and a gte swap in a 97 sc300. Both customers would be very interested. Also to those who think that it may not look appropiate to screw the pod into the pillar on a Lexus. You can always take in to a local interior shop and have the whole pod wrapped in the same material that is on the pillar, making it look like a one piece quality unit. Although i have found it very hard to perfectly match the interior trim on the lexus vehicles.

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