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  1. I have developed a bracket that enables you to use the huge, yet cheap LS400 4-pot calipers and rotors to be installed on a GS (or IS). Additional benefits of this bracket is that it also improves the camber, such that people with huge drops can use their tires longer :whistles: Pricing ... i have not decided yet, but likely US$130 - 150 shipped for the brackets, depending on quantity. I will post pics later...
  2. would like to see some pics of LS400 with strut tower bars ... any one?
  3. Some pics of the 1stGen. What do you think...
  4. DSR is one of the upcoming brands for Lexus and Toyota bodytuning. Recently they have developed a roofspoiler for the 1stGen. These are some pics B)
  5. Changing shocks ... really depends. Your friend's GS was stiffer? Does he also have the oem shocks, or upgraded his? Did he lower his car (often means stiffer springs). Unless you really blew your shocks, the question if you need new shocks is often a matter of personal taste. If you want a stiffer ride, then I would suggest to replace all the 4 shocks, but also go for stiffer springs. Even better is to go for coilovers...
  6. selling retrofit HID kits is illegal in the states. Send me a pm and I will point you to someone that sells these kits (located outside the US).
  7. Custom grille? What do you mean ... a non-stock grille or a grille that you design yourself?
  8. If your budget allows it ... go for the HKS LS+ or Tein CS coilovers. You can adjust your ride height and stiffness. Also, these are very close to stock ride.
  9. don't get fooled by the names of the light color. Just concentrate on the K value. The best usuable light output is 4300 - 4700K, but is a little yellow (like sun light). The nicest light, but still very usuable is 5500 - 6000K, which is very white-ish. Anything above that is blue-ish (7500 - 8500K) or even purple (10000K) and is only for looks. Also, do not buy the cheapest HID bulbs you can find, but go for quality stuff. The cheap bulbs are from Taiwan or China, and will discolor in 6 - 12 months (if they do not fail). Go for a big brand like Philips, Catz. or Bellof, and this time, pick the ones with the correct K value.
  10. You probably better off replacing your existing car for lower mileage car?
  11. Also check if your car need any adjustments/maintenance, like cleaning the trottlebody, change the airfilter, and check if there is any slack in the accelerator wire.
  12. There are many more shock suppliers, but may be much more difficult to find. In terms of price performance KYB will be excellent. In Asia/Japan KYB offers several different versions for the the JZS147 (GS300), and there are also several others like Tein who offer coilovers for the GS300.
  13. Sorry, was a bit busy lately. I will check what is available and will post the prices of some interesting RX parts in a few days. :P
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