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  1. Front and Rear Set, $75. Your opportunity for a big upgrade of your SC300 handling with MKIV Toyota Supra Twin Turbo Sway Bars, that are perfect fit. These sways are about 30% stiffer in the rear and 17% stiffer in the front and reduce body roll on cornering. This is an extra set I ended up with after parts collection for my 2jz-gte swap. Shipping ~$9 West Coast, ~$14 East Coast. Available for local pick-up in Millbrae, CA 94030 (Nor-Cal). (In the interest of full disclosure, these are direct bolt on's with the Supra subframe mounts, contact for price on the left a
  2. TheMKIV Supra Twin Turbo 17" Chrome look good one your SC300 and you can find them every once and a while on the Supra Forums FS for less than that with rubber.
  3. DomLee and Nimski62, You guys got engine problems somewhere. I'd start with new distributor/rotor/plugs/air filter like right now. I've got a stock 1994-5sp @ 93k miles. In normal tune this engine accelerates hard straight through 110mph in fourth then an upshift to 5th taking over. My fastest is ~122 or so on the straights of Thunderhill Raceway Roadcourse. There was plenty more left as it was still accelerating hard but I was running out of straight with a hard left to make at the end.
  4. You should abandon the 4" concept immediately. Try some decent 6-1/2" Infinity or JL's in the rear. In the front you are going to have to fab to get much of anything bigger than the 4", so once you start, aim for some 6-1/2" there as well, in fact you can get 6x9" in the front door location. My 6-1/2" Infinity 6002's are well driven by the often trashed Pioneer Premium system, and no, you can not hold that amp in the palm of your hand, it is the size of the cd-changer in your trunk. Though the amp on the factory 8" sub is small and will fit in your hand.
  5. There are handling issues with extreme offsets outside of factory specs. There are alignment issues with same. The tires won't wear correctly. There are additional stress on the wheel bearings and axles with the additional leverage the wheel exerts. These wheel tire combo's typically weigh like 55 lbs each vs factory's 42 lbs. Thats like 25% increase in unsprung weight, not good. They will always look smokin hot on your car and that may be all that is important.
  6. I'm by no means an expert, but I've done brake pads like 20-30 times (SC part of that count) and I flat guarantee I could move those pistons in just a few minutes unless they are really seriously f'd up. I have never had a problem recessing or moving the pistons back into the caliper. What works....typically used: 1. Large Screw driver with a piece of wood as both protection and to gain leverage, protection less important if you are careful and if you are tossing the pads and resurfacing the rotors, YOU ARE RESURFACING the ROTORS, yes, I thought you were. (I use the large screwdriver to pr
  7. You're right, you shouldn't post that here and hijack someone's thread, moderator?? Also, it is a very cool looking SC
  8. Well I can tell you that: 18x9 +38 CES hit the lip in the front ~half an inch 18x10 +38 CES hit the lip in the rear ~half an inch You're going to be 28mm more offset and more hits in the rear, widebody needed. I am pretty sure you are asking for serious suspension and handling trouble with +11 offset, that's way beyond factory ~+50. I am probably going back to Supra TT oem 17's at some point.
  9. SC300's have not bad years, these aren't domestics where the consumer's do the shake down testing. The real reason anyone does the Getrag is in conjuction with a NA-T conversion or a full 2jz-gte bpu++ built engine running in the range of 500 hp and up. Unless you are headed down this path, its a total waste. The W58 is capable of mid-high 300hp, some say into the 400's before it breaks. The Getrag is hardly a "bolt-in" any commonly used meaning of the expression, :chairshot:. Here's why, there are a host of changes that must come with it. I guess you could say it fits, for the most part
  10. Its been more than a year and I never heard from anyone again about these. I want a 2 pod if available. Me thinks this is dead thread though....
  11. You can easily defeat the check engine light with a with a 10K Ohm 1/2 watt resister from Radio Shack (Part #271-1126). Here is a how to link: The egr plates are commonly available on eBay for $30 shipped. There is much advice and how-to's regarding the EGR in the Supra Forums and Sum dem garduHaTd fum hI-Scrwl. The 2jz is seldom pushed harder than by the guys posting there. :P
  12. Don't post when you have absolutely no freaking idea wtf you are talking about... ("ERG COOLS THE COMBUSTION CHAMBER") not! Do you turn the oven on to cool your house in the summer ? Fact: The factory EGR system in the Toyota 2jz-gt and 2jz-gte engines was designed to help in emissions reduction by allowing hot exhaust gases to be recirculated into the cool incoming air inside the intake manifold. While this was a helpful from an emissions standpoint, it has negative effects on any engine, N/A and particularly on a turbocharged vehicle that relies on cool charge air temperatures to make hor
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