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  1. I know when I did my jdm install, all I did was use the new block and use my old excess parts like intake piping. The injectors are different from us spec along with a few other items. egr- leave it gone and add a diode to the relay to fake the comp. It's just hot gas going back into your cool intake.
  2. I like your tastes alot! Now you need some power to back the looks. :)
  3. it doesn't add more power, it just changes the shift pattern so if you take that into consideration, you can relate that to fuel usage.
  4. Asking price: $16,000. 600 HP. Brand new transmission with 1,000 miles and JDM engine with 43,000 miles on it and 100,000 on the body. It has a new turbo and all parts are new. It has been driven only 15,000 highway miles on all the aftermarket parts, and runs perfect! New brakes and tires are on it also. I have every single receipt for what has been done to it and most of it has been done professionally in Texas by Boost Logic. The oil has been changed every 3,000 miles along with the spark plugs and receipts are verifiable. It has never been used for racing. All pictures and performance par
  5. I do it all the time at the track :) And more than likely all you'll ruin is a pair of tires, your rear brakes and rotors.
  6. I can't have mine on my car and I'm glad they're gone. With your car stock, I dont know if you would notice any difference in power.
  8. seats- passenger and rear, and also cf hood, cf trunk, cf doors, and cf front fenders :) ... the doors and fenders are sweet.
  9. the only turbonetics parts are the piping which I haven't replaced yet to boost logic's pipes. I hate turbonetics and so do a lot of other people. their products are not that great. boostlogic's parts are far superior to them. the only difference in the supra (twin turbo) motor is the head which is labeled as the 2jz-gte the non-turbo supras and the sc300's come with the 2jz-ge motor. Same bottom end just a different head. you can get a new 2jz-gte motor for about $2500 and have to pay to install and convert a few other things. or just get the kit and go from there it depends on what power you
  10. here is a good website to go to and use the search button to find some superchargers in the article. other than that i really don't know what else would go on a 400 so you also might do a search on this site for superchargers.
  11. it's a turbo kit and i wouldn't buy a turbo kit from ebay for many reasons. go to this website and check out what they have they are very respectable and I have most all of their parts on my car.
  12. if you want racing gears to improve your hp, it wont in these cars and besides I really don't think that they make them for the 400's. obviously an intake and programmer would improve your hp but not by a whole lot. The only reason you would need a new torque converter is either you have like 400rwhp or more or yours is just simply going out. just add a supercharger and be done with it :)
  13. go with the 2jz-gte, depending on the tranny, if you have an auto, you will need a built tranny or a th400 or if you have a standard, you will need to upgrade the inside components. And yes the 2jz-gte is pretty much bolt on but with a few setbacks of things that don't, but no biggie. -Jason
  14. Can't say that I know, but they look cool and if I wanted that kind of look, I would get them.
  15. Depends on what you mean by bolt on. Check out like I had said before and under the lexus sc portion it gives you a description of what you get. What you get here is what you would get from any other place for a turbo for the sc and possibly a little more, the difference is quality and I'm assuming quality is what you want.
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