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Running Out Of Places To Put This Stuff...


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Yeah...i think the pix will say it all...cars are in pix for proportion...




Look at this tree in my front yard...


There is a total of 200 inches so far that has fallen this year, with a total of 265 just to our south on an area called the "Tug Hill Plateau"...known nationwide for its record snowfalls. No other region in the nation gets more snow that Tug Hill.

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I really can't say if it's good or bad, it's been a while since I've heard anything about the school firsthand. But it has always been considered very good .

VERY expensive tho.

Damn I'm cold, it's 48 degrees this morning and 37 tomorrow, thats artic weather for here. I work outside so it's not nice.

I feel for you people up north.

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I'm glad I live in Miami, I complain when it's 50.

Give me the tropics any time.

I was thinking about going to University of Miami any reviews? Hows there engineering school.

If you're looking into going into engineering, I would recommend UND in grand forks, I'm going there this fall for Aviation, but its also a great school for engineering.

Thanks, I will. How is the tuition there? I'm split right now between engineering and meteorology. I always wanted to fly F-18's for the navy, but I don't Think thats going to happen.

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