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  1. No kidding, right? $234? My BMW fuel door actuator only cost $35. I thought that was crazy for a coil.
  2. That sucks :( I totally feel for you not being able to sleep after getting into a confrontation with "people" who frankly do not care about others or their property. You did not think about jacking up their car because you are more wise and civilized than the then-young and stupid BillyShaft. Retaliation didn't occur to you because you are not a crap-fest of a person like the "people" who dinged your car. See? It is a good thing that it never crossed your mind. :) When you take your car to the dealer for your 1000-mile courtesy service, tell the service writer the story and tell them how it broke your heart that they did this to your brand new Lexus. I am willing to bet that they touch it up for you and buff it in so you can't see it. Most of the Lexus people are good guys and excel at customer service. Enough of this bad news! Tell us about your new car! What colors? What options? How do you like it?
  3. Man python, you really should learn to just let it out. Don't hold back on your feelings, man! Funny. SORRY Just for the record, I believe that python does not prefer the clear tail lights. :D
  4. Aww man! See that is your fault right there! You should have level-set her expectations in advance. Next time, talk about it for about a week and tell her how much it is going to cost, how much time you are going to have to spend and how you are going to have to cut into her shoe budget to get this thing right. Then when you tell her it is done and only cost some time and a few coasters, she will know what a hero you are! See? Then she will go buy some new shoes. Congrats again!
  5. Hey Matoyo, Check out this thread. May help you out.
  6. Just fixed it it was the corrosion on the bottom of the connector where it meets the wire. Thanks. Congrats! That is great info for the next guy with this issue. Thanks for updating!
  7. Also, regarding the phone integration, there is a thread somewhere here on removing the speed sensing wire that would enable all of the phone features and radio RDS text info etc. Seek and ye shall find!
  8. Hey CS, Thanks for updating on your efforts! I have found that data lagging like you were seeing was a bad burn or bad copy to ISO. Did you use Verbatim DVD+R DL discs? Typically a bad LOADING file will buy you a warning on your screen and it will not load. I had some really crappy performing hybrids when I was using Memorex discs...they were doing just like you were saying; lagging while the drive tried to read the data. Out of 15 memorex discs, I managed to make one that would read correctly, and I keep it as a spare just in case. When I switched to Verbatim using the same iso, it worked perfectly first shot. Congrats on your working Gen 5 5.1/7.1 disc though! That is fantastic!
  9. Shhhh, you are giving away the secret. Jim ... recently retired from the largest U.S. provider of F & I products. ok...can't leave it at that, Jim. Inside info from inside the horror of F & I much appreciated!
  10. EDIT: grr...darn you and your fast typing fingers! Sorry for the duplicate info here. Hey Bob, That would be part of your research process. You can call and get the service history on a vehicle by the VIN, or you can even set up an Owner profile at, add the VIN and look at the service history yourself. The biggest blanket exclusions on warranty are when the vehicle is salvaged. Check the VIN with Carfax or Autocheck or preferably both. If the car has been issued a salvage title, they will typically have this information. When I am buying, I typically assume that the warranty is valid, but I look for the service history and title status to confirm that there isn't a compelling reason why they would void the warranty. Remember that the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act requires a manufacturer to prove that a lack of maintenance caused the failure and hence voided the warranty. What you want to look for is that proverbial cream-puff, owned by the lil old lady who barely drove it and took it religiously in for service at the dealer. You are making an investment. Invest in a vehicle that has clear proof of service and preferably a single owner. These cars are out there and the pricing is better than they have been in years. Enjoy the experience!
  11. Man python, you really should learn to just let it out. Don't hold back on your feelings, man! Funny.
  12. I am sorry to hear about your new car. That really sucks that people can be so damned callous about your nice new car. :(
  13. Do a search in this forum under extended warranty. There is a recent huge thread with all kinds of discussion and pros and cons on the benefits of extended warranty. I think the discussion was even on RX350s... EDIT: Shoot, we even have a whole forum for warranty discussions. CLICKY I am sure that will help you out in your decision.
  14. And looked what happened today... hmmm no bankruptcy and I will continue on my happy listening. :D I don't think there is anything more annoying than an "I told you so" over something meaningless. Honestly, I hope it works out for you. I am not sitting around waiting for the next company to collapse while wringing my hands. Sincerely...I hope it makes it. I am a believer in the free market. But for me, and apparently for others, ignoring warning signs doesn't make good financial sense. I don't own a sat radio subscription, but based on what I have been reading in the posts here: 1. Sound quality seems to be crap for the era we live in. 2. Interfaces are expensive and don't work all that well in the Lexus. 3. Sat signal is spotty in the urban jungle and not great in buildings. 4. Most importantly, and contrary to common sense, apparently you are paying a subscription and still have commercials you have to contend with. Really? With that said, congratulations! You have a subscription to mediocrity.