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  1. Thanks for the info. I'll be keeping that in mind.
  2. Hey guys. Been a while. I've had my 06 Maxima for almost 10 years now, and thinking of getting back into an LS. As title suggests looking for an 05 or 06. In the past I have owned a 91 and 97 LS and miss how bulletproof they were (other than the guage clusters). I'm tired of all the little random repairs, and now tranny work that I never had to worry about with any old LSs. Just wondering if there are any issues with the 3rd gens, or anything to specifically look for when buying an 05 or 06. Thanks everyone in advance!
  3. Eraser. [Oh hai :) Got the wife an 02 RX300 yesterday. Proud to be back in the saddle! Immaculate mint condition in vapor blue. Only 114k on the clock]
  4. Ok perfect. yes I have staggered. Sure I want to do it? lol i'm halfway there! just got wheels bored out +6mm lol good it's +50, will poke a bit less than +45.
  5. Is it 100% +45 for both F&R? I just read somewhere that F=+45 and R=+50 I just want to be 100% sure of the specs before I get tires and everything. The stock 17's for my car are.. 17x7+40 on 225/55/17 I have to have some lug nuts cut, and center bore of the wheels opened up 6mm to make these fit, a buddy works at a machine shop and can get it all done cheap&easy. but just want to make sure of specs before I start cutting up wheels :D
  6. Is the IS forum the last place you think I'd pop up?? hahaha Well I guess I'll call the Hyper Silver Type-C's lol. Gorgeous set of wheels, def going to give the Maxima a nice look apart from others. Can't wait to get these things put on once the weather lets up!
  7. i mean finish like.. chrome black chrome gunmetal black machined polished aluminum bronze.. is Hyper Silver what it is called? The guy I bought them from called the "Super Chrome" and I've never heard of that.
  8. Type-C? That's the best Lexus could come up with? Not something cool like G-Spider.... but Type-C lol hahaha <_< and finish.. is it hyper silver? What does Lexus call it?
  9. Hey guys been a while since I've been on LOC.... def never been over here to the IS side though! LOL :whistles: I just got some wheels for my 06 Maxima. They were on an older guys IS for 3 days when he bought it brand new, and decided he wanted "sportier" wheels. they are 100% mint. perfect condition. I'm trying to keep an OEM+ look, and these wheels are beautiful enough to look great and turn heads, yet not look cheesy or TOO flashy! (found on Craigs List for $600! wooooo!) they are staggered, 18x8 and 18x8.5 +45F/R (right? haha) I just want to know the "offical" name and color of these. I've been trying to google for things but I'm out of options at this point hahah Thanks a lot!!!!!!
  11. Speaking of that man.. Check out OPmotoring (Olympic Peninsula Motoring) I know you won't really be on "The Peninsula", but we've got a few members from the Seattle/Tacoma area! My buddy that took these photos is the one that started this site not too long ago. (The only auto forum on the OP! )
  12. Thanks guys! Yeah I was beat... wasn't expecting it to take that long.. but I had to take my sweet sweet time! :D Yeah my buddy has a pretty nice camera! Takes some good shots. Here's a link to a site with some of his work if anyones bored and wants to check out some other rides.. http://opmotoring.com/stance/
  13. Dead.. (as in this Club Lounge.. where did everyone go?)
  14. Ahh yesss, I've notice light blue, dark blue, purple, white.. They're nice!
  15. Hey guys! Haven't been on in a while! been buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusy! Work work work and my home purchase finally closed on June 30th :D :D :D woooooooooohoooooooooo! Thanks Obama for my $8,000!!!! hahaha Anyways.. I detailed my car a couple weeks ago. Washed with Dawn to strip everything off, clay bar, than did 5 stages of compund/polish/sealant. Used all products from Rightlook.com Went out with a buddy of mine yesterday to shoot some photos. Turned out pretty well. Thanks for looking.
  16. Because BP is the one being the arrogant prick? Is that a trick question?
  17. Looks pretty slick! Yeah I was going to say I know of the Integrale. But thats it.
  18. Well you don't HAVE to customize the Android platform either. It's just an available option to do so. The Droid comes ready to go out of the box just as much as the iPhone/iPod! ;) Denslexus I agree with you, it IS just a huge iPod! there is nothing really NEW about it... the whole Apple vs Adobe battle is ridiculous. So limited without supporting flash. Android 2.2 that is starting to roll out supports flash beautifully ;)
  19. True about the apps, but if you look into just how much the Android Market has grown since Android OS started becoming more popular (Nov 09) it's crazy how fast it's grown.(But are you honestly going to use 200,000apps? ;)) My Droid has never really lagged or gotten hung up. The lagging can be due to poorly written apps, or simply having a slew of things all open at once. But I have been able to run quite a few apps at the same time with zero hang-ups. I personally like how much customization is available with Android OS. To actually have backgrounds, widgets, and to chose the apps you want on your home screens. You can even change the color flash of the LED for different texts/notifications you get. The major things that drive me further and further away from Apple, and it's products is the arrogance, and restriction of the company/products. But at the end of the day.. yeah Apple's got some cool products.. however I won't be the one buying them.. But I'm not going to cry over anyone else buying them! B)
  20. I dunno, the Android phones don't hold a candle to the iPhone IMHO... How so? :)
  21. Tranny fluid should be red... cherry red... That is the differential with fluid on it. Whats with the weld job? Thats just how Toy/Lex did it. More restriction = More quiet ;) lol!
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